Mix University Challenge with booze and you get something a bit like our weekly pub quiz. Except without Jeremy Paxman barking at you for taking too long to come up with answer. Take your time, there’s no hurry. Everyone who enters will get a discount code and one winner a £25 off voucher.  

It’s back! The fiendishly difficult/ much too easy (delete as applicable) Master of Malt pub quiz. This week’s edition has lots of showbiz questions including appearances from two pub quiz favourites, Beyoncé and Snoop Dogg. Those two love singing about the sauce! There’s also some nerdy drinks questions. Something for everyone. To take part simply click on the box below. Remember, it’s strict pub quiz rules, so no typing the answers into your favourite make of search engine. You can find the answers to last week’s quiz here.

Simply click the button below, and get quizzing. You have just under a week and then Paxo will start saying “come on!”


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