Tobermory on the Isle of Mull is one of our favourite distilleries. That’s partly down to the people involved, like master blender Julieann Fernandez and distillery manager Andrew Brown, two of the most well-renowned operators in their respective fields. 

But you can’t argue with the quality of the whisky emerging from this tiny Isle of Mull distillery. The peated version, Ledaig (pronounced ‘lay chig’), is finally getting the plaudits it deserves and we were delighted to learn that the distillery will be increasing production of the smoky stuff. But that’s not to say unpeated Tobermory isn’t wonderful especially when there’s some sherry casks involved.

So when our buyers were offered the opportunity to get hold of some distillery-only releases, they jumped at the chance. Here’s what they managed to snaffle:

Tobermory distillery-only exclusives

Ledaig Amarone finish

Ledaig 2008 Amarone Finish

This 12 year old Ledaig release was finished in amarone casks – a rich bittersweet Italian wine – for one year, creating a smoky single malt which mixes sweet honey and vanilla custard notes with a saline freshness, peppery woodsmoke, and a tannic bite. It was bottled at 55.8% ABV with no chill-filtering. A total of 2753 bottles were filled.

How does it taste?

Think bonfire smoke, roasted nuts, creamy crème brulee, a hint of cinnamon, and a good dose of bracing sea spray. 

Tobemory Virgin oak finish

Tobermory 2011 Virgin Oak Cask Finish

Mmmm, delicious unpeated Tobemory. This was distilled in 2011, finished in virgin oak casks before bottling at 57% ABV with no chill-filtering or colour added. Just 966 bottles were filled so this is rare. 

How does it taste?

Brown sugar, honey, vanilla sponge and coconut with cloves, cinnamon, and a green apple freshness with long lingering notes of toffee on the finish. 

Ledaig Virgin Oak finisih

Ledaig 11 Year Old 2010 Virgin Oak Cask Finish

This peated whisky was distilled in 2010 and spent ten years ageing before spending a year in virgin oak casks which gives it a vibrant layer of spice. It was bottled at 55.8% ABV with only 1017 bottles available.

How does it taste?

Woody and smoky, bonfires and wood chips with vanilla essence, cloves, black pepper, seaweed, and ocean spray. 

LEdaig Double cask

Ledaig Double Cask Matured

This has been aged for 13 years in a combination of oloroso and red wine casks. It was bottled at 53.8% ABV with no chill-filtering or colour added.

How does it taste?

Red fruit like chocolate-covered strawberries with notes of smoke, fresh sea air, vanilla, and cloves.

Header image courtesy of Visitors Guide to Scotland.