To mark another fantastic festive season, we asked the good public (that’s you!) to help us find our supernatural, omniscient, festive, heavily-bearded friend #WhiskySanta, with a £250 MoM gift voucher as reward – and we’ve got our winner!

As the countdown to Christmas was drawing to a close we approached you with an opportunity to find our friend, and win big by doing so. #WhiskySanta became a little distracted while living his best life at Aberfeldy Distillery (we can confirm the rumours that mince pies were to blame) and got a tad lost. So we asked you to put on your best Sherlock Holmes/Nancy Drew/that guy with the moustache impression and help us find #WhiskySanta.

Fortunately, many of you were on the case and, after subscribing to our channel and looking over the evidence (good thing we did a virtual reality distillery tour video of Aberfeldy!), #WhiskySanta was found safe and sound. Where? In the warehouse, surrounded by casks, of course!

Now, there’s the matter of the reward for the eagle-eyed helper among you. As you kept your end of the bargain, we’ll keep ours. One of you will be getting a £250 MoM gift voucher – what a splendid way to crown your Christmas celebrations. Think of the possibilities. A seasonal spending spree awaits this lucky person!

The winner of this super prize is… Liam Foley!

find #WhiskySanta competitionIt’s always the last place you look…

Thank you to all who entered, and massive congratulations to Liam! We hope you enjoy your prize and have a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!