Chestibor, you proud, noble beast

Right, our fantastic Cooley Competition is officially over. We’ve drawn a close to the prize draw that some critics have described as “the greatest competition since the Ancient Greeks first started running around and lobbing objects in Olympia.” The prize shone like a beacon on our site, attracting the myriad Irish whiskey lovers with promises of a trip to Ireland, personalised bottles of whiskey, wining and dining, two nights in a luxurious hotel and more!

We’ve made the draw, and if you’re wondering how it was done we employed Chestibor Chihuahua; in the name of a fair, unbiased selection process (you may have seen him before in previous blog posts). His lack of opposable digits made it quite difficult for him to pick the name from the hat, but we persevered and eventually got there. See the picture of Chestibor wearing the kind of caution-to-the-wind hat that says “let’s party”.

For all you hopeful contestants, waiting keenly to hear whether you’ve won…

…well you haven’t won. Bad luck – you’re all losers, except for the winner, of course! So, congratulations to Paula from Cornwall, whose bottle of Connemara sealed her victory! She is thrilled that she’ll soon be going on the trip of a lifetime to Ireland.

And for those of you who didn’t win, don’t feel too down in the dumps, this is still our 25th year of business, and as such we’ll continue to fill 2010 with incredible giveaways and offers!

– The Chaps at Master of Malt –