Back in September we announced something rather marvellous, and that was the chance to win (and consequently own) your own maturing cask of spirit, courtesy of the awesome Mackmyra!

It’s a truly unique opportunity to have you very own cask of maturing spirit, much less to have that new make come straight from the wonderful Mackmyra stills! The friendly folks over in Sweden will fill the lucky winner’s 30-litre first-fill ex-bourbon cask with unpeated new make spirit. The cask will even have a personalised brass plaque, with the winner’s shiny name glinting off it. That cask will then be matured in one of two Mackmyra’s warehouses for at least three years, though which warehouse is totally up to them!

Mackmyra cask

The winner’s cask could be maturing here very soon…

The fun doesn’t stop there. The victor will be given a 50ml sample of their maturing spirit each year so they can monitor their whisky’s maturation journey. Once a least three years and one day have passed (unless they want to let it mature for longer) the winner will be able to crack open the cask for good! Then the whisky will of course be bottled up, with labels boasting the winner’s own message slapped on the front before it’s delivered.

That’s a whole lot of excitement right there. But the really magical thing was that it was so easy to enter! All you had to do was nab yourself one of these tasty Mackmyra bottlings! To make it that little bit tastier, we even lopped £3.50 off MACK by Mackmyra, and a whole fiver off Mackmyra Äppelblom. We’re nice like that.

Mackmyra whisky

Treating yourself to a bottle of one of these tasty whiskies got you in with a chance of winning!

Well, we’ve rambled on for long enough, it’s time to get down to it.

The winner is…
Stephen Maher from Halesowen!

A massive congratulations to Stephen, your cask awaits. And a huge thank you to everyone who took part, though with a bottle of scrumptious Swedish whisky, you’re already winning.