A couple of lucky people will need to grab their party poppers to celebrate the good news: they’ve just won some delicious Pangolin Gin!

The guys at Pangolin Gin do a terrific job of making tasty booze that supports a great cause. You see, 50% of the profits from each bottle are donated to the Born Free Foundation, supporting its international Pangolin conservation projects. The adorably little scaly animals are sadly amongst the most trafficked in the world.

This is why we were delighted to create our latest #BagThisBundle competition, which allowed us to highlight the brand’s mission while spoiling some of our lovely blog readers by giving them tonic water, a bottle of Pangolin Gin and of Pangolin Pink Gin. That’s what we call a win-win. And it’s led to two win-winners. Neat.

Pangolin Gin & Tonic

Some delicious G&Ts await. Just add oranges.

Congratulations to…

Jill Gordon and Miriam Bland!

We hope you love your prize as much as we love pangolins. We’re going to go watch some compilations of them on YouTube now while you make yourself a victory G&T…