It might be time to sit down and have a chat about those groundbreaking Tonic Wine Cask Finish whisky bottlings we shouted about earlier…

Erm, folks… we’ve got some owning up to do. We’re really sorry. You know how we love an April Fool’s Day joke. Remember the Master of Malt Luxury Trilogy? What about the 4D Whisky Distillery? And who could forget the iconic Joculus Snift technology? We usually try and go bigger and better each year. 2020 didn’t feel quite right for a ruse, but we wanted to come back with a bang this time round. 

Well… we’re sorry to disappoint. This year, we didn’t do an April Fool. 

We pulled an April UNFool!

The hallowed tonic wine cask-finished expressions

“Huh?!” We hear you cry. “What was all that ‘landmark’ tonic wine cask nonsense?!”

Not nonsense. That’s what. Ok, it is a little bit bonkers to actually source a couple of octave casks, buy LOADS of tonic wine, season them for months, then stuff some really quite fancy whisky in them (yes, we really did go there with the 21 year old blended malt…). But every word in our earlier announcement is true. Well, perhaps not the monastery cat. That we can neither confirm nor deny… 

So it’s true. You can snap up these really rather unusual whiskies right now! Well, for as long as stocks last. They really are super-limited. Enjoy – and let us know what you think!

Our 10 Year Old Tonic Wine Cask Finished Whisky

Our 10 Year Old Tonic Wine Cask Finished Whisky

Tonic Wine Cask Finish Single Malt 10 Year Old, £44.95

A single malt that really might remind you of Limitless… (if you know, you know). This is 10 year old single malt that’s spent some time in an ex-bourbon cask that’s been seasoned with tonic wine! It really does have an intriguingly herbal, slightly rubbery consistency going on. A fun experiment that’s not going to break the bank! 

21 Year Old Tonic Wine Cask

And the 21 Year Old!

Tonic Wine Cask Finish Blended Malt 21 Year Old, £199.95

A blended malt comprising some really good stuff that we ruined enhanced by sticking it in our specially seasoned casks for a few months. We genuinely reckon the fruity, cough mixture vibes actually work really well with the rich whisky character, but don’t listen to us. We may have lost the plot a little…

So. Grab a piece of whisky history (we reckon we’re the first to actually do this?) and enjoy!