It’s with a heavy heart that we must inform you that all is not as it seems with our exciting Easter announcement.

Look, we’re sorry*. Sometimes we get a bit carried away. In fact, there are a couple of members of our team who’ve immersed themselves so deeply in this deception that they’re still convinced we are building a distillery unlike any other and heralding in a new era of whisky production.

As the clock strikes noon, we’re sorry to report that this is simply not the case. And we must reassure you that the aforementioned employees have our full support as they attempt to reintegrate into reality.

The signs were there, of course. For example, that Avi Pernrit chap in the video looks a lot like Avi from our digital marketing team, and we’re pretty sure Pernrit is an anagram of ‘printer’.

But still, the dream lives on in our hearts and minds. Perhaps one day programmable whisky will be a thing. Until then, we should probably just enjoy the good ol’ traditional stuff. It’s delicious, you know.

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*sort of…