We had a lot of change on the blog this year. We have been covering more products in round-ups which seems to go down well with customers. A recent post on Christmas whiskies was particularly popular – some top consumer advice there. But we’re also continuing to publish more in-depth, amusing and provocative stuff as always. 

Here are the ones that you enjoyed the most. 

Best whisky quotes Robert Louis Stevenson

Robert Louis Stevenson – loved a little whisky of an evening

1 – The best quotes on whisky

This one really struck a chord with readers. It’s a round-up of some of the wit and wisdom inspired by whisky over the years including quotes from James Joyce, Humphrey Bogart and Robert Louis Stevenson. 

Dr Nick Morgan

“Hi Dr Nick!”

2 – Without criticism there is only marketing 

Former Diageo marketing man Nick Morgan upset everyone with this post about how most writers are far too close to the big whisky companies. It inspired a spirited repost from Felipe Schrieberg

Domaine Tariquet Armagnac still

The still at Domaine Tariquet in Armagnac

3 – Armagnacs for whisky lovers 

If you love long-aged dark spirits but balk at the price of some big name single malts then you should look outside the whisky category entirely and head over to Armagnac in south west France.

Scotch whisky regions

The Scotch whisky regions as illustrated by the SWA

4 – Whisky regions explained

Adam O’Connell wrote a series of hugely helpful posts looking at the five whisky regions of Scotland: Speyside, Islay, Highlands, Lowlands and Campbeltown. 

Mixing a Negroni

Sushi rice? Negroni??!! Are my ears playing tricks on me?

5 – Sushi Rice Negroni 

Sushi rice? Negroni?!! This internet sensation had most of us at Master of Malt channelling Peter Kay but Jess womanfully stepped in and made the bloody thing. And it turned out to be quite nice. 

Whisky being poured over a glass with whisky stones in it

Everyone loves whisky stones, right?

6 – What whisky lovers don’t want for Christmas 

We probably got more comments on social for this article than any other. It turns out that most whisky lovers really don’t like whisky stones – we even had to do a follow-up article explaining what whisky stones are for those who were baffled by the concept.