Sound the horns, we have new whisky from The Macallan!

That’s right, people. The Macallan has launched a new single malt Scotch whisky today. It’s called The Macallan Estate and it was made to be a celebration of provenance and heritage, which is why it was distilled using barley grown at the brand’s home on the 485-acre Easter Elchies estate in Speyside, where Macallan whisky has been produced since 1824. The barley fields are located on the banks of the River Spey, which is overlooked by The Macallan’s award-winning distillery that opened last year in June 2018.

The Macallan Estate

The Macallan Estate is a tribute to home and heritage

What makes this expression stand out is that it represents a rare opportunity to experience a Macallan Scotch whisky that contains spirit made from its own home-grown barley, which is distilled just once a year over the course of a single week. This spirit is usually limited to The Macallan’s most exclusive and sought-after releases. I told you it was rare.

“Our Easter Elchies estate lies within the legendary Speyside region of Scotland, a place of timeless natural beauty, and a place that we are proud to call home,” Sarah Burgess, whisky maker for The Macallan, says. “With its wonderful sweet citrus hints and warming wood spice, The Macallan Estate is a rich, satisfying and complex spirit that pays homage to the fertile Speyside lands where The Macallan is located and celebrates the unrivalled craftsmanship for which we have been known since 1824.”

The Macallan Estate

The Macallan Estate

Described as “a rich and complex whisky with a remarkably long finish,” The Macallan Estate is said to exude notes of wood spice, orange oil and the traditional sherried richness that has become associated with The Macallan’s single malt. As you can imagine, it’s presented in a very fancy gift box that reflects the natural stones found on the estate, with an inlay of slate. Inside you’ll find aerial photography which showcases the barley fields, as well as landscape-inspired designs.

But there are three things that you all you want to know above all else, so here are the answers:

1) It’s priced at £195.

2) It will be available from July.

3) We will be stocking it.

The Macallan Estate will also be available through an exclusive online ballot that the distillery is holding, which will close 23:59 UK time on 7th June 2019.

To anybody who does manage to get their hands on a dram, we sincerely hope you enjoy it and be sure to let us know what you think of it!