The Flask from The Macallan: We have a winner!

The Macallan The Flask

Excellent work: many of you successfully infiltrated The Competition! You completed all of your objectives and only a bare minimum of innocent bystanders were horribly crushed to death during your tank shenanigans!

We caught up with top operative Barry Morrison to see what makes a sophisticated secret agent such as himself enter into all this business with The Competition. Is it all for Queen and country?

Master of Malt: “For England Barry?”

Barry: “No… For me.”

Alright, enough GoldenEye references already (I really can’t help it!). Barry Morrison is indeed the proud winner of our competition to win The Flask from the Macallan, a bottle of The Macallan Gold and two tasting glasses! Congratulations Barry!

What he actually said to us was that he is going to fill The Flask with The Macallan – Batch 3 from That Boutique-y Whisky Company, which he purchased to enter! Very nice!

He also explained that he had never won a competition before and felt very lucky.

“Half of everything is luck, Barry…”

James Bond and Alec Trevelyan

“…and the other half?”

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