That Boutique-y Whisky Company

That Boutique-y Whisky Company has announced that they’re introducing age statements to all future releases with immediate effect and, right on cue, they have a raft of new and exciting releases on the way!

All the new releases are listed below and are also available to buy or pre-order from Master of Malt now.

Whilst That Boutique-y Whisky Company still believes that flavour is what matters when it comes to whisky, they also understand that many whisky fans are interested in the age of their releases. Moreover, TBWC wholeheartedly supports the Campaign for Scotch Whisky Transparency that John Glaser of Compass Box launched earlier this year. As such, they’ve also committed to listing all the information they have on the breakdown of the various whiskies that make up each bottling as soon as EU legislation allows it. Read more on That Boutique-y Whisky Company’s blog.

TBWC Girvan 52

Girvan 52 Year Old – Batch 1 – 51.1% – 114 bottles

Tasting Note for Girvan 52 Year Old – Batch 1:

Nose: Creamy and spiced layers of toffee, hazelnut and demerara oak.

Palate: Vanilla, rum and raisin ice cream and some earthy treacle.

Finish: Very long. Dark spices, oak and cocoa with a late resurgence of vanilla and marzipan.

Overall: A simply magnificent grain from the year the distillery was founded!

TBWC Macallan 25

Macallan 25 Year Old – Batch 5 – 48.8% – 126 bottles

Tasting Note for Macallan 25 Year Old – Batch 5:

Nose: Wow. Stunning old Macallan with saddle leather, fragrant florals, creamy nuts and dark fruits.

Palate: The palate picks up where the nose left off with perfect Sherried character, stewed apricot and a blanket of cocoa.

Finish: Very impressive with juicy fruit, rich oak, espresso and subtle dark spice. A pleasure.

Overall: An exquisite Sherry matured Speyside whisky.

TBWC Ardbeg 12

Ardbeg 12 Year Old – Batch 7 – 52.0% – 203 bottles

Tasting Note for Ardbeg 12 Year Old – Batch 7:

Nose: Spicy, creamy, immediately Ardbeg. Peat, barley, pine and citrus curd all play key roles.

Palate: Powerful at full strength, this is a cracker with notes of custard, integrated peaty yumminess and sweet Japanese plum and wakamomo.

Finish: Moathcoating, creamy, peaty goodness.

Overall: A truly fantastic 12 year old Ardbeg single malt, bottled at 52%!

TBWC Blended Whisky #1 35

Blended Whisky #1 35 Year Old – Batch 3 – 46.5% – 1,428 bottles

Tasting Note for Blended Whisky #1 35 Year Old – Batch 3:

Nose: Chocolate fudge with touches of jam or raspberry ripple, a little pepper and minerality, wonderfully round.

Palate: Rounded and chocolatey continues to be a theme, with measured fruit, caramel, treacle and tobacco too. Very complex.

Finish: Tiramisu and Mississippi mud pie (which is a delicious dessert, nothing ‘muddy’ going on here!)

TBWC Invergordon 43

Invergordon 43 Year Old – Batch 5 – 47.7% – 528 bottles

Tasting Note for Invergordon 43 Year Old – Batch 5:

Nose: Rich fudge and oak, orange rind and a hint of rosewater.

Palate: Toffee’d oak furniture, top notch balancing sugars and rich spices too.

Finish: Lingering oak shines proudly on a thoroughly enjoyable finish.

Overall: Exactly what you’d hope for from a grain of this age, stunning.

TBWC Islay Blended #2 27

Islay Blended Malt 27 Year Old Number 2 – Batch 1 – 47.3% – 88 bottles

Tasting Note for Islay Blended Malt 27 Year Old Number 2 – Batch 1:

Nose: Fruity and perfumed with heady orchard fruit, especially apples and pears, and light cinnamon.

Palate: Soft, torn stone fruits, more apple, almond blossom, a hint of lilac and bison grass.

Finish: Clean, satisfying and moreish.

Overall: Fragrant Bowmore and fruity Laphroaig combine beautifully in this blended malt.

TBWC Port Charlotte 13

Port Charlotte 13 Year Old – Batch 2 – 54.7% – 84 bottles

Tasting Note for Port Charlotte 13 Year Old – Batch 2:

Nose: Soot and golden barley with a touch of tiger balm. Citrus and sea air.

Palate: Lemon curd, char, rich peat, gooseberry and more barley goodness with a slightly vegetal, savoury twang.

Finish: Peaty oak and sweet cereal.

TBWC Ben Nevis 19

Ben Nevis 19 Year Old – Batch 4 – 49.5% – 166 bottles

Tasting Note for Ben Nevis 19 Year Old – Batch 4:

Nose: Nutty malt, waxy fruit, mixed peels and dark spices.

Palate: Oily cereal, sultanas, hints of tropical fruit and mixed berries. Dangerously drinkable at 49.5%.

Finish: Mixed nuts, calves leather and greengage.

TBWC Aberlour 23

Aberlour 23 Year Old – Batch 4 – 51.0% – 432 bottles

Tasting Note for Aberlour 23 Year Old – Batch 4:

Nose: Apple and custard sweets! Some malt too, whilst remaining all light and fruity.

Palate: Into apple pie country now, with spicy brandy snaps alongside some fresh barley.

Finish: Drying and fruity with shortcrust pastry and apple pie filling.

Overall: Consistent with delicate green fruit, especially apple. A Speyside treat from Aberlour.

TBWC Paul John 6

Paul John 6 Year Old – Batch 2 – 54.7% – 173 bottles

Tasting Note for Paul John 6 Year Old – Batch 2:

Nose: Thick and peated, blondies, caramel, allspice and a little black pepper on mixed berries.

Palate: Toasted vanilla char notes, apple slices, hay and again that peppery spice.

Finish: More orchard fruit with long lingering peat embers.

TBWC English Whisky Company 5

English Whisky Co. 5 Year Old – Batch 1 – 49.5% – 964 bottles

Tasting Note for English Whisky Co. 5 Year Old – Batch 1:

Nose: Initial ash before sweet shortbread makes itself known. Orange cape gooseberries, touches of barbecue sauce and rubbed mint leaves.

Palate: With a little water there’s Angel Delight and apple pie alongside touches of camphor.

Finish: Sweet barley and lingering smokiness.

TBWC Glentauchers 17

Glentauchers 17 Year Old – Batch 2 – 48.8% – 508 bottles

Tasting Note for Glentauchers 17 Year Old – Batch 2:

Nose: Chestnuts and Campino sweet, slightly syrupy with a touch of menthol at full strength.

Palate: Fairly drying with sweet malt and soft wood spice.

Finish: Clean nutty oak, impressive.

TBWC Mortlach 18

Mortlach 27 Year Old – Batch 3 – 48.9% – 162 bottles

Tasting Note for Mortlach 27 Year Old – Batch 3:

Nose: Peanut shells and sultanas, becoming increasingly meaty with a little sugar dusted pastry also.

Palate: More dried fruit now with drying Oloroso fruit & nut character, great mouthfeel and clean, classic Mortlach character just beneath the surface.

Finish: Raisin and granola with hints of mince pies.

TBWC Lagavulin 10

Lagavulin 10 Year Old – Batch 2 – 53.7% – 239 bottles

Tasting Note for Lagavulin 10 Year Old – Batch 2:

Nose: Charmingly rugged with earthy peanut skin, peat and supporting custard notes.

Palate: Tamed by just a little water, this Lagavulin Islay malt is all about smoked, creamy hazelnuts.

Finish: Peaty Ferrero Rocher.

TBWC Glenrothes 10

Glenrothes 10 Year Old – Batch 2 – 45.8% – 294 bottles

Tasting Note for Glenrothes 10 Year Old – Batch 2:

Nose: Oomph – big Sherry influence! Sherried oak with brandy butter and a hint of milk stout developing.

Palate: As promised by the nose, if a touch sweeter, with dried fruit, worn leather, oak and a particularly pleasant mouthfeel.

Finish: Sticky figs and more sweet Sherried oak.

Overall: Extraordinary Sherry influence for a 10 year old. Top stuff.