This week we’re launching Hendrick’s Air. An opportunity to take a magical ride in the Hendrick’s airship. And all you have to do is buy a bundle of Hendrick’s Gin.

Airships are wonderful things, aren’t they? Great big floaty things moving silently across the sky. So much cooler than noisy old aircraft. So you won’t be surprised that Hendrick’s Air, the aerospace arm of Hendrick’s Gin, has its very own airship/ blimp type thing. Oh, and it’s shaped like a cucumber. Of course, it is.

Hendrick's Air

The Hendrick’s Air crew

Come fly with me

Hendrick’s airship lives somewhere in the internet and the best thing is that you can take a ride on it, virtually. All you have to do is buy a bundle of gin consisting of a bottle of Hendrick’s and a bottle of Hendrick’s Lunar and you will receive a ticket for the Hendrick’s Airship with details about how to claim your ride. Included in your bundle are two teacup and saucer sets, cos Hendrick’s, and a special World Cucumber Day fan. Which, as we are sure you’re aware, takes place on the 14 June every year.

The experience starts where all air journeys begin, in the departure lounge. As soon as you take off, it’s time for a drink with a cucumber and lemonade tutorial. Drink in hand, your magical mystery tour will begin taking you on a journey through gin and Hendrick’s history including a visit to the Girvan distillery in Scotland in the company of the master distiller herself, Lesley Gracie. She will give you a botanical tutorial and show you around the hothouse where they’re grown followed by a trip to the stillhouse where they are turned into delicious Hendrick’s Gin. That’s just a taster of the fun to be had, an aperitif if you will. 

After all the informative jollity, it’s back onto the blimp, or is it any airship? Come to think of it, what is the difference between a blimp and an airship? Anyway, to take this magical trip, simply buy a bundle of Hendrick’s Gin which contains a ticket with all the details on it. Chocks away!

Buy your Hendrick’s Air bundle here

Hendrick's Air

Please note that the Hendrick’s Air virtual experience is hosted solely by Hendrick’s and Master of Malt has no control over any details (including but not limited to the dates, times, availability of 3rd party software, internet connection, and the specific rundown); the event may be subject to separate T&Cs and Privacy Policy provided by Hendrick’s, which we will try our best to help let you know in advance.