Solara Sherried Whisky gives you all the power and personality of a sherry bomb with the potential to pun until you drop. Don’t take it from us, though, there’s Atom Labs founder Ben Ellefsen to tell you all about the new whisky. We apologise to anyone who doesn’t have a punny sense of humour in advance. 

Let’s get the other puns out of the way first, shall we (no pressure [oh, we’ve started then])? Solara Sherried Whisky: yes, it’s truly out of this world. Utterly heavenly in fact. Stellar. Loads of cinnamoon and orange in the form of triple-sec (specifically De Kuyper) and a finish light-years long. Please drink responsibly though. You don’t want to end up spaced out. Okay, that last one was a bit weak. It should really get a constellation prize. That’s quite enough now. Time to get Sirius.

Solara is a superbly well-aged whisky, one which has spent a good few years slumbering in oloroso casks, picking up those rich tobacco, cedar, and stewed fruit notes for which sherry cask-aged whiskies are rightly lauded. 

Solara Sherried Whisky

Introducing: Solara Sherried Whisky

Solora, hyper-active casks, AI, and Christopher Walken

Without wanting to be hyperbolic* this really does taste significantly older than its twelve years, and that’s down no doubt to the finish in those super-hyperactive sherry casks. The marriage of good quality Speyside spirit with deep and intense sherry is a time-proven one, and the gorgeous presentation is an extremely welcome bonus. 

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the past nearly 15 years of bringing products to life it’s that space stuff is automatically cool. If there’s a second thing we’ve learned, it’s that more is often more. If there’s a third thing it’s, in the immortal sentiment of SNL’s Christopher Walken “More Sherry” (which I appreciate is really just an extension of the second thing). 

Absolutely terrifying

Whilst we’re on tech/space/AI and whisky, props to ChatGPT for its help with the puns in the first paragraph. A brave new dawn indeed. We should all be very afraid:

They know too much…

One more, then we’re done:

Bartender: We don’t serve your kind in here, time-lord.

A time-lord walks into a bar.

Until next time, then folks.

* Although being hyperbolic is a sure-fire way to pick up additional energy…