We’ve had competitions and that means we now have winners. Let’s announce some names of our recent competition winners!

There are several kinds of lovely news to break. Like telling your family and friends you’re pregnant/getting married/ blocked by Piers Morgan on Twitter. Or letting people know that they’ve won the competition you put together. Luckily we’re getting to do the latter today. And there will be more exciting announcements to follow soon… Anyway, let’s put some smiles on faces!

House of Hine, Jarnac

The House of Hine on the river Charente

Congratulations to…

The winner of a VIP trip to the House of Hine Cognac is… Adrian Moeckell

The winner of a virtual cocktail party with Wing Walker and Horse Guards is… Caroline Obbard

The winners of a bundle of boozy goodies from Jack Daniel’s are… Miriam Bland and Will Brooks