Secret Leap Year Cocktail

We are soon approaching that quadrennial day in which we un-married men must hide fearfully from our other halves in case they try to enslave us in a life of penury and servitude. That’s right – the 29th February. I have already prepared for myself the finest secret cellar this side of Austria, and plan on sequestering myself away in it for the duration of the day.

Marriage-related terror aside, the idea of gaining an extra day is rather novel, and so we’ve set about creating a very special something by means of celebration – the Secret Leap Year Cocktail (OK – naming things isn’t our strong suit). We’re also giving away a pretty exciting prize too…

Here’s what will occur:


On the 29th February, for one day only, you’ll be able to buy 20cl bottles of our Secret Leap Year Cocktail. After you’ve tasted this marvellous concoction, your challenge is to name the five ingredients used to make it. The first correct answer will not only win a 20cl bottle of each of the seven vintage cocktails in our current range, you’ll also have the opportunity to name the Leap Year cocktail for its official release in full-sized bottles, later in the year. The seven cocktails in the range include The Manhattan, the Gin Martini, the Old Fashioned, the World’s Best Cocktail, the Negroni, the Rob Roy, and the brand new Martinez cocktail.

Currently, only one person in the entire world knows the recipe for this fabulous little cocktail, and he cannot be bought. Well, he can; every man has his price, and Ben especially is a cheap date, but the official party line is we cannot be bought, unless you’re that chap who took the incriminating photos of Ben in Tijuana, in which case you’ve won the prize!

Secret Leap Year Cocktail

Simpler times…


We are busily re-packaging the entire cocktail range from the Handmade Cocktail Company, and the Secret Leap Year Cocktail comes accordingly in a rather handsome bottle, as evinced below:

Secret Leap Year Cocktail

Look how handsome he is…

Click here for more on the Secret Leap Year Cocktail. Remember, it will be available for one day only… The competition will close on the 16th March 2012.