Rum, Cognac & Tequila Advent Calendars!!!

Drinks by the Dram Rum, Cognac and Tequila Advent Calendars

Once upon a beginning, the folks of the world drew chalk lines on their doors to physically count down the first 24 days of December. These days that seems a rather sad thought, more reminiscent of a prisoner counting the days they’ve been locked up than a celebration of the festive season. Pretty miserable really. (That is, unless you’re lucky enough to share a cell with comedy legend Ronnie Barker!) It was some time before some bright spark decided that using candles would be rather less bleak. I mean, candles, they’re okay aren’t they?


Porridge Christmas Special

Cheer up Fletch!

It wasn’t until the early 20th century that calendars with windows first emerged. Ah, the possibilities! You could put literally anything behind them! So, what did the combined intellect of man decide upon? Um… pretty drawings. Again, quite nice, but there’s more potential here, surely. Enter the chocolate advent calendar. In a post-rationing world, this was a pretty big deal. They still delight children the world over, but (usually quite cheap) chocolate is but one thing you can hide behind a window. Better than a drawing? Yes. Better than a slap in the face? Certainly. The best thing? Not even close…

This is why The Whisky Advent Calendar and The Ginvent Calendar came to be. They’re incredible creations, just look at them! Regard them! Counting down the days until Christmas would never be the same again. These were followed by The Premium Whisky Advent Calendar and The Craft Ginvent Calendar, providing greater choice for the many fans of whisky and gin around the world. But what if you prefer, say, rum to whisky or gin? What if you’re particularly partial to a delicious Cognac? Perhaps you’re one of the increasing number of people who have discovered just how awesome tequila really is? With all these exciting advent developments you may be feeling a little short changed… until now!

Introducing… *Ta-Da!* The Rum Advent Calendar, The Cognac Advent Calendar and The Tequila Advent Calendar!!!

Drinks by the Dram Rum Advent Calendar

The Rum Advent Calendar – £149.95

Drinks by the Dram Cognac Advent Calendar

The Cognac Advent Calendar – £149.95

Drinks by the Dram Tequila Advent Calendar

The Tequila Advent Calendar – £119.95

There’s still time before December 1st to grab a hold of any one (or more?) of the seven (!) fantastic Drinks By The Dram Advent Calendars that are now available. Merry Christmas folks!


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