Grab some party poppers and a cake because our delightful whisky subscription service is about to celebrate its first birthday! Naturally, we’re marking the occasion in style, with a birthday subscription box and bumper live tastings. Happy Birthday to Pour & Sip! 

Did you know that back when we unveiled Pour & Sip to the world in September 2020, we had a simple dream: maybe, just maybe, Ted Danson would notice our new service, like it, and Tweet us. We also wanted to try and transform the way subscriptions approach community, accessibility, and inclusion. I’m told that’s actually more important than the Danson thing. I probably should have put that bit first.

Now our awesome whisky subscription service is about to turn a year old in September. Where does the time go? It’s already walking and can’t be far off saying its first word. I reckon it will be ‘MoM’. They grow up so fast.

Pour & Sip

We are celebrating with delicious whisky, because of course we are

A birthday present for you!

Anyway, to celebrate the clever clogs at Pour & Sip have created a bumper birthday subscription box, also available as a one-off right here (pre-order now)! 

Yes, we know usually the one having the birthday is supposed to get the present, but when you can put together a birthday set that contains five great drams from Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and Kentucky, a P&S tumbler, and a diddy Angostura bitters for making an Old Fashioned all for £29.95 – you do it.

Or better still, you could actually sign up for Pour & Sip. If you haven’t done so already, now’s the time. Because when you do, you’ll get the birthday box PLUS a welcome gift of 2x Glencairn crystal whisky tasting glasses (worth another £11)! 

And mark in your diary that Pour & Sip will host two live tasting sessions on 9 and 23 September on its YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook channels. Be sure to tune in, cos we’ve got guests from each distillery/bottler (if you watch live you can even ask them questions) across the two events, as well as a tutorial on how to make your Old Fashioned.

Pour & Sip

Be sure to tune in to the tastings!

I haven’t signed up yet, what am I missing?

Now, we appreciate that there are those of you who won’t be as familiar with Pour & Sip and might be wondering what all the excitement is about. So here’s the skinny. The low-down. The 4-1-1. By which we mean, here’s how it works: every month our team of super-smart and cool whisky-knowing people choose five different drams of the good stuff for you to enjoy, pairing them with matching tasting cards that don’t just explain how a whisky tastes, but why it tastes like that. Neat, huh?

Those who have subscribed will know that in just a year we’ve already showcased whiskies from Taiwan, Israel, and Finland alongside the classic offerings from Japan, Scotland, Ireland and the USA. We’ve also put together themed boxes showcasing different aspects of the industry, from a Women in Whisky-themed selection, to a box celebrating the spoils of Islay.

Here’s just a flavour of what we’ve done over the last 12 months: 

– Hosted 24 live tasting sessions, with 25 distillery guests (and counting) joining the fun, from brand ambassadors and founders, to master blenders and distillers. 

– Offered great perks such as discounts on full bottles of the featured whiskies, loyalty points, and always free shipping all in the P&S Member Store (over on, not MoM, obv.)

– Written blogs, conducted interviews, and established an interactive whisky community.

– Received praise from the likes of The Independent and BBC Good Food, as well as members with its Feefo Gold Trusted Service Award.

Happy Birthday, Pour & Sip!

Phew! It’s been a big year. And we really hope you’ve enjoyed it. We’re proud of what we’ve put together and we’re excited to keep the adventure going. 

Do be sure to subscribe if you haven’t already, the final day to sign up and receive the Birthday Box is 19 September. The more of you who do, the closer we are to catching Danson’s eye. And if you want to get us a birthday present, that would be a pretty good one.