We teased its launch, you guessed. Was it a limited-edition Mortlach? No. A barrel-proof Black & Gold? Nope. Our showstopper new brand is here. This is Port Amadán. 25-year-old Islay whisky at its finest.

People might throw the word iconic around, but in the world of whisky, there’s surely no debate about the status of Islay. The Hebridean island might mean something to birdwatchers, hunters, and cyclists. But for whisky lovers, it’s a holy land worthy of annual pilgrimage. 

With its extraordinary concentration of distilleries, this is a place where unique drams are crafted in a tiny, charismatic, and borderline inaccessible landscape, one that is reflected in the character of every whisky. There are peated whiskies made all over the world. But it is the salt, smoke, and seaweed profile of Islay that continues to be the most alluring. 

Of course, you, our dear readers, are no strangers to the charms of Islay and its cracking whisky. And you’re understandably always keen to get your hands on the best of the best. Particularly as, with Islay, there is a slight issue of supply. Due to various reasons, there simply isn’t that much Islay whisky above 20 years old. So it’s extra special when a retailer manages to secure a healthy stock of something new…

Port Amadán

We just know your heart is aching to get a taste of this…

Introducing: Port Amadán

This brings us neatly to our new expression: Port Amadán. Sourced from an undisclosed distillery on Islay exclusively for us, this is a totally new brand that’s a tribute to the enduring excellence of the Queen of the Hebrides and a showcase of its classic style. 

Port Amadán is a 25-year-old Islay whisky. It was bottled at a cask strength 56.2% ABV without any additional colouring or chill-filtration after it was matured in an ex-bourbon barrel for a quarter of a century. There’s no adulteration here, just a pure presentation of Islay whisky made with barley peated to 33.5ppm. The chance to get your hands on this beauty is not something you should give up.

The name is inspired by an old site where some of the first whiskies made on this fabled land would have been shipped. The story of Islay is rooted in every bottle that left its shore because it’s those early signature smoky whiskies (that would typically make up part of popular blends of the time) that ensured this island became a spiritual home of our favourite spirit.

Port Amadán is available solely from Master of Malt. You know the rules, if you get lucky enough to get a bottle, be sure to share the love. Just click the link HERE.

Port Amadán Tasting Note:

Nose: Sea air and book cabinet dust compete for attention initially, with empty walnut shells, wet rocks, tough heather, and earthy peat in support. Exotic dried papaya, unripe mango, and soft nectarine flesh add rich, complex fruit notes among mature notes of sandalwood, meaty chorizo, and biltong.

Palate: A soft and supple opening brings forth a complex array of stone fruit, sweet cereals, toasted almonds, and sticky toffee pudding. Earthy oak provides dry tannins with a touch of ash, while the complex blend of mocha coffee and Christmas pudding lift a suggestion of damp wooden furniture.

Finish: The finish lingers for an age and it’s smoky all the way to the end, with helpings of demerara sugar, cursed meat, and tobacco leaf.