Master Of Malt Single Casks Glass Closures

You may have seen that we recently launched a couple of single casks that featured our shiny new innovative glass closures, which you can read all about here. We also invited you to give your feedback and one query that arose was whether we were going to sell the closures separately, after all, they’ll fit any of the bottles in our Single Cask Series! We thought this was such a good idea that we should do it immediately. So we did.

Now no matter which Master of Malt Single Cask you choose (we’ve just launched six, only two of which featured the glass closure as they’re a bit of an experiment) you can make the choice not to have a cork. Perhaps you have your eye on our new 23 year old Ardbeg, which comes with a wax seal and traditional cork, or perhaps you’re lucky enough to still have a bottle of our Arran 17 Year Old 1996 single malt whisky in your cabinet? You can now buy a Glass Closure for any of these bottlings for just a single unit of sterling currency/an oncer/a nicker: £1.

Master of Malt Single Cask Glass Closure

Glass Closure for Single Cask Series (Master of Malt)
Make any Master of Malt Single Cask as shiny and free from cork taint as these!

The Chaps at Master of Malt