You may have noticed a bold and beautiful new whisky hit our shelves. It’s called Profound Richness 10 Year Old and here’s Ben Ellefsen to tell you more.

Because sometimes more is more. 

As alluded to in a previous post, Profound Richness is the latest addition to the range which also includes Filthy Smoke and Beautiful Fruit

In another case of ‘does precisely what it says on the tin’, this whisky is from the Highlands region, is aged in excess of 10 years, and has more than a hint of sherry in its makeup. 

We’ve constructed this single malt from multiple casks from the same distillery and blended it back to a profile that puts us very much in mind of the roaring-fire-leather-armchair-dark-chocolate-sitting-on-the-antique-oak-table-maybe-I’ll-have-a-cigar school of whisky. And yes, that’s a thing. That’s definitely a school.

Profound Richness

Profound AND rich. Hence it being called that.

Profound Richness

Taking a step back and looking at what this range is trying to achieve. It’s equal helpings of demystification, and evocativeness. If we can all ‘get’ instinctively how this whisky is going to taste just by looking at it, then not only does it provide a synesthesiastically comforting experience when it’s on our bar, but potentially more powerfully can act as an intuitive guide into the category for the friend who prefers craft IPA, or who can tell you absolutely everything about the three best-selling wines on Laithwaites’ list.

Again at a sub-£30 price point (in a 50cl pack) means that it’s sensibly priced for gifting, but also accessible enough that you’d feel comfortable mixing it. From experience, it makes an incredible Old Fashioned. I used a good shake of Angostura, a modest shake of Peychauds, brown sugar, and a tiny dash of Luxardo Maraschino.

Profound Richness

Here’s one Ben made earlier…

Until next time, enjoy, and see you soon.

*It’s a range that currently doesn’t have a name and has brand architecture as something of an afterthought. Ho hum. If anyone has any lightbulb ideas post them below and I’ll buy you some really nice biscuits if we use them.