Now that the sun is out again finally we’re in the mood for a nice, refreshing Spritz. Good thing Pinkster Spritz Raspberry & Hibiscus has turned up on our doorstep this week…

When we spoke with Pinkster Gin inventor Stephen Marsh nearly two years ago he laughed at the suggestion that he was in some way responsible for the birth of a monster: pink gin. But his brand of authentically fruity pink gin struck a chord with people when it was released in 2013 and there are few signs that the desire for flavoured gin is letting up. He was very much at the forefront of something. And, judging by the brand’s new releases, he’s in the mood to do so again.

It’s not a gin

Yes, Marsh is back at the innovation game again with a new range of Spritz-style drinks. This is interesting because you don’t often see gin brands branch out and make anything else other than flavoured variations of the juniper-based spirit. Which makes sense. Why go down the non-gin route given how lucrative the category has proved to be?

Well, Pinkster Spritz Raspberry & Elderflower and Pinkster Spritz Raspberry & Hibiscus are the kind of low-ABV, versatile and fun spirit drinks that are increasingly in demand and have only just started emerging in earnest in the last couple of years. Once again, it appears Marsh is on the right side of the curve.

Pinkster Spritz Raspberry & Hibiscus

The drinks offer you the perfect chance to take your Spritz game in tasty new directions

In a press release, the brand’s founder says that the move was undertaken to create a “mainstream alternative for Spritz drinkers with discerning taste buds, looking for a naturally delicious light aperitif”. Even if your taste buds aren’t that discerning you’ll still be able to taste plenty of raspberry-based goodness in Pinkster Spritz Raspberry & Elderflower (also en route to MoM Towers) and Pinkster Spritz Raspberry & Hibiscus.

As the name rather gives away, our 24% ABV spirit drink of focus today is made using local supplies of the fruit leftover from the production of its classic Pinkster Gin as well as helpings of hibiscus. 

English Spritz

A Spritz is typically a wine-based cocktail made with Prosecco, a bitter liqueur such as Aperol, Campari, or Cynar, and soda water. You’re probably picturing sitting in the Italian sun with a red, fizzing concoction housed in a wine glass in hand. And you’d be right. But it’s this kind of serve that Pinkster Spritz Raspberry & Hibiscus was made for. Think of it as an English summer spin on the classic.

The brand recommends pairing it with soda water and a lime garnish for a lower-ABV take on a traditional Spritz that removes the need for sparkling wine. But we can imagine you’ll have plenty of fun playing with this one. There’s a QR code linking to further product details and suggested serves on the back label if you need inspiration.

Pinkster Spritz Raspberry & Hibiscus

We think the Spritz could well be the serve of the summer

Lower ABV

As you might imagine for someone who is usually one step ahead, Marsh has also ensured that the spirit drinks meet the demands of those who are committed to the decidedly modern trend of ‘wellness’. Calorie and unit health information is on the back label of the Spritz bottles, which is not something I’ll ever have any love for.

But, as Marsh says, “with more and more people trying to lead healthier lifestyles and cutting back on alcohol, all consumer insight indicates that lower-ABV and lower-calorie drinks are totally on-trend”. So there you have it.

While this aspect might appeal to some, the biggest selling point for Pinkster Spritz will be its vibrant, fruity, and refreshing taste. This kind of drink is about to come into its own with the summer months on the horizon and the UK emerging out of lockdown. Marsh rounds off by saying that Pinkster is expecting “a fresh, fizzy and fun spritz to be the drink of the season as friends reunite for alfresco get-togethers”.

We’ll certainly drink to that. Although, personally, I won’t be counting the calories, if it’s all the same to you.