If you love a Negroni, you’ll love our New Arrival this week. Take the ingredients of a classic Negroni, add the orangey, chocolatey goodness of real Jaffa Cakes, bottle it up, and what have you got? The Jaffa Cake Negroni! 

One thing we’ve learned in the past few years is that Master of Malt customers really like Negronis and can get quite heated about them. Nick Morgan’s recent article on how much ice you should add, caused something of a social media storm. Why we even had actual comments below the blog rather than the usual spam about mature Russian lady dating or erectile dysfunction remedies. Just like 2005. Some of the comments were quite vitriolic. People get quite upset about the right and wrong way to make a Negroni.

The proper way to make a Negroni

Which seems baffling as the Negroni is perhaps the simplest of all cocktails. Just three ingredients added in equal measure, stirred with ice, and garnished with a piece of orange. But that’s the glory of the Negroni, from those basic building blocks you can be a purist or let your imagination run wild. 

On the blog we’ve run all kinds of twists on the Negroni such as the White Negroni, the Shallow Negroni, the Montenegroni, and the after-dinner Negroni. We’ve even made a Tiki Negroni with pineapple rum, and very tasty it is too.

One tried and tested way to upgrade your Negroni is to up the orange quotient and add richness in the form of coffee or chocolate. The coffee Negroni made with Sipsmith’s Sipspresso gin Negroni is one of the finest things we’ve ever tried.

Jaffa Cake Negroni

Add as much ice as you like!

What took them so long?

So, it was really only a matter of time before someone got round to a Jaffa Cake Gin Negroni. For those who have been living under a rock these past few years, Jaffa Cake Gin was launched in 2020 by our in-house team of drinks mavericks,  Atom Labs. They took the goodness of gin, and added real actual Jaffa Cakes. Sounds like madness, but the results were so impressive that a Jaffa Cake Vodka and Jaffa Cake Rum soon followed.

And now there’s a Jaffa Cake Negroni! It blends that special gin with vermouth and a well-known Italian aperitif in the classic 1:1:1 ratio with 27.7% ABV and all I have to say is: why did it take them so long to do this? It really couldn’t  be simpler, and it’s so obvious, chocolate orange biscuit Negroni. It’s delicious. There’s a full tasting note below.

No measuring cups needed: all you have to do is splash some on ice, add a slice of orange, and voila, the perfect twist on a Negroni. But how much ice should you use? And how big should the pieces be? And should you stir down and strain? That’s up to you. Leave us out of it. 

The Jaffa Cake Negroni is available from Master of Malt. Click here to buy.

Tasting note from the Chaps at Master of Malt;

Nose: Fresh orange oil, bold juniper offering a wealth of pine notes, leading to aromatic herbs and a smidge of cardamom, plus a touch of chocolate coming through.

Palate: Bittersweet red fruit, with distinct citrus brightness carrying them along. Softly peppery juniper builds with herbaceous richness. Vanilla pod and a smidge of dark chocolate in the background.

Finish: A balance of fresh herbs and tangy orange, with the enjoyably bitter notes of each lingering pleasantly together.

Overall: All the hallmarks of an excellent Negroni, with the orange notes bolstered in a fantastic manner and the additional decadence of vanilla and chocolate. It stands out superbly.