Burnt Oak 24 Year Old Blended Whiskey is one of the standout new releases we have on our virtual shelves, a mysterious and meaty blend of aged Islay whisky and bourbon

It’s strange to think that anything could begin with burnt ends. Particularly when we’re talking about whisky. For anybody who’s American and/or a big BBQ fan, you’ll probably already know what a burnt end is. For those who don’t, essentially it’s the trimmings from a brisket that develops a rich, smoky bark and crunchy texture during the smoking process.

What the heckin’ heck does that have to do with whisky? Well, Atom Labs made a whisky called Burnt Ends Blended Whiskey. Inspired by the flavour profile of those charming little charred morsels, the brand mixed up a mighty blend of Tennessee rye whiskey and sherry cask-finished peated single malt Scotch whisky. It’s rich and smoky and meaty and delicately sweet and lovely. And it was popped in what looks like a barbecue sauce bottle. Such fun.

The decision was made to dial things up a bit, going full Spinal Tap… Wait, that can’t be our most contemporary reference? The decision was made to ramp things up a bit, like erm… Tony Hawk circa 2004… Oh, whatever, the point is then came Burnt Bridges Blended Whiskey. It’s a 50:50 blend of Tennessee bourbon and sherry cask-finished peated single malt Scotch whisky that carries a 10-year-old age statement and a more powerful flavour profile. 

Burnt Oak 24 Year Old Blended Whiskey

Quite the blend in this one

The ballad of Burnt Oak 24 Year Old Blended Whiskey 

But Atom Labs are an insatiable bunch, so there was no stopping them there. The only place to go was even bigger. From burning an end, to a bridge, to a whole flippin’ oak. Which, on reflection sounds less significant than burning a bridge, doesn’t it? Well, anyway, what’s undoubtedly a big step up from using 10-year-old whisky is using much older and pricey stock. Like 25-year-old Islay single malt and 24-year-old bourbon. Which is what you’ll find in Burnt Oak 24 Year Old Blended Whiskey. 

Big ol’ Islay and bourbon, sitting in a (burnt) tree. Not something you see very often, is it? You’re obviously going to pay for that kind of premium, but what you’re getting is something rare, original, and a super demonstration of how you can bring big complex flavours together and let their contrasts shine. And with layers of chewy peat smoke, charred stone fruits, and roasted coffee you can bet that Burnt Oak is absolutely delicious. Here’s a full tasting note, as well as a link that leads to the page where you can buy the whisky. See the link below? Just give it a click. It’s that simple. 

Burnt Oak 24 Year Old Blended Whiskey tasting note:

Nose: Sweet robust peat makes a pungent first appearance before the earthy notes give way to vanilla butterscotch and crème brûlée. Fresh apricot leads to creamy fromage frais and gritty rice pudding, with bitter orange in tow.

Palate: Drying wood smoke and charred herbs, chewy peat, and the burnt edges of dark chocolate cake. A touch of tart yellow plum arrives, joined by honey-soaked figs, before prickles of pepper and sweet, milky coffee develop.

Finish: Roasted coffee beans, meaty malt, and nutty oak char bring warming, savoury spice, with lingering earthen bonfire ash.