Whisky Advent Calendar Cat

You might be wondering where all the winners of our Premium Whisky Advent Calendar competition competitions are. With a calendar being given away every week in November to lucky winners who purchased Tasting Sets, there should be more winners! We do apologise. With Christmas on its way, we’ve been a bit snowed under getting all sorts of exciting stuff prepared for the holiday season. (Keep your eyes peeled!)

Christmas Snow Cat

Send help! (And pizza. Mainly send pizza.)

However, we’ve been working away like Santa’s elves (just without the silly hats and stripy leggings) and we’re now super excited to announce the second and third winners of a stupendous Premium Whisky Advent Calendar!

Drinks by the Dram Premium Whisky Advent Calendar

Okay, forget the pizza, send Advent Calendars!

A Premium Advent Calendar shall be winging its way out to…

Joshua Turner!


Hazel Ritchie-Bland!

Congratulations Joshua and Hazel! May your December be filled with friends, festivity and fab whisky! If you want to get in on the action and win yourself the best way to count down to Christmas, sleigh on over to the Competition page, buy any of the Tasting Sets by the 24th November. We’ll then pop your name in the hat to win the final Premium Advent Calendar, and we’ll even have time to get it to you before December 1st. Fingers crossed!

Now then, there’s more work to be done, so it’s back into the snow for me!

Christmas Snow Cat

Seriously though, where’s that pizza?