The latest and greatest development in cocktail innovation is here and ready to pre-order. It’s the Drinkworks Home Bar

The last year has been a real test of many people’s home drink-making skills. We’ve all been attempting to recreate the experience of favourite bars in our own houses, flats or tiny studio apartments. 

And we’ve had a lot of fun trying, but there are so many obstacles that can prevent you from creating quality cocktails at home. There are recipes to learn, some of them complicated (if your Google history is littered with searches of ‘how many ml in an oz?’ then we can be friends). It never feels like your cupboard is stocked with the right ingredients. Want an Old Fashioned? No bitters. A Martini? No vermouth (which once opened you should pop in the fridge – pro tip). Then you’ve got to trust yourself to mix as the masters do at your favourite watering hole.

Frankly, it’s all a bit much. If only there was a way to take the complexity and challenge out of making high-quality drinks at home… Well, now there is: The Drinkworks Home Bar, available exclusively from Master of Malt in the UK.

Drinkworks Home Bar

Introducing: The Drinkworks Home Bar

What is it?

An astonishingly clever machine that can make expertly balanced, perfectly carbonated (where necessary), and precisely chilled cocktails, all in under a minute.


The Drinkworks Home Bar prepares fresh cocktails and alcoholic mixed drinks using liquid-filled Pods with premium spirits and ingredients all precisely measured for stunning serves. Simply pop a Pod in, push the button, and enjoy!

Like one of those Nespresso coffee machines?

Yep, now you’ve got it. The Drinkworks Home Bar employs similar technology. Where it differs is that the Pods are liquid-filled (unlike a coffee pod) and contain alcohol, so you don’t have to add spirits separately. So basically it’s better.

You could also think of it like a boozy Sodastream, as The Drinkworks Home Bar can be equipped with a CO2 canister that allows you to make cocktails that require carbonation too. 

Drinkworks Home Bar

Simply pop a Pod in, push the button and you’ve got tasty cocktails, my friend!

Why would I like it?

We’re certain you’ll get a kick out of the Drinkworks cocktail maker if any of the following apply to you:

a) You’d love to have tailor-made, bar-quality cocktails at the press of a button. Recipes. Stock. Mixing. All taken care of. What you want, when you want it.

b) You want to elevate your home drink making experience. No more mix-and-match Quarantinis for you.

c) You value your me-time and want to make the most out of it. You’ve earned it.

d) You love to host and want to create reliable, delicious drinks for your company without it taking up all your time. Get that Come Dine With Me money.

e) You like having the best of both worlds, indulging in old favourites and making new discoveries.

f) You’re basically just an all-round, kick-ass human. Like Bill Murray or Zendaya.

What kind of cocktails can I make?

We’ve currently got Pods containing the following serves: The Old Fashioned, The MojitoLong Island Iced TeaGin & Tonic with ElderflowerMoscow Mule, Lemon BubblyVodka Soda with Lime, Peach CoolerKentucky Sour, Vodka LemonadeRosé Spritzer and Fruit Punch! So, you know, just a few… Plus, there are even more on the way, including a Chambord French Martini and a (Jack Daniel’s) Gentleman Jack Manhattan!

What do I get when I buy it?

As well as the Drinkmaker machine, you get a nifty little starter pack containing two CO2 canisters, a pack of cleaning tablets, an instruction booklet, and a stand for shorter glasses to sit on as your cocktail is made (ooh la la!).

The power of deliciousness at the press of a button can be yours for £399.

You want a bunch of Pods too though, right?

Save £50 when you grab one of our handy bundle deals that include the machine and starter pack goodies, as well as 6x cocktail Tubes (each containing 4x Pods).

The Classic Cocktails Bundle comes with 4x Old Fashioned, 4x Mojito, 4x Long Island Iced Tea, 4x Moscow Mule, 4x Kentucky Sour and 4x Gin & Tonic.

The Refreshing Serves Bundle comes with 4x Vodka Soda with Lime, 4x Gin & Tonic, 4x Rosé Spritzer, 4x Vodka Lemonade, 4x Peach Cooler and 4x Lemon Bubbly.

The Party Pack Bundle comes with 4x Mojito, 4x Long Island Iced Tea, 4x Gin & Tonic, 4x Peach Cooler, 4x Moscow Mule and 4x Rosé Spritzer.

Drinkworks Home Bar

Beautiful cocktails like this can be yours. Soon. The Drinkworks Home Bar is now available to pre-order.

When can I get it?

You can pre-order The Drinkworks Home Bar now, with despatch estimated for 11 December 2020. Which is really soon. Like, you could get this as a Christmas present, soon.