The Master of Malt Whisky Championships are back for another year! Last year, Bruichladdich took the crown. But this year is a new year, and the odds are renewed, so make sure you get your votes in every day to ensure your favourite distillery or brand takes the top spot.

Master of Malt Whisky Championship 2023

How does the Whisky Championship work? First of all, our followers on social media voted for the brands they wanted to be included, and we narrowed all those names down to those with the highest number of votes. But this year we’re doing something a little different. For the first time, we’ve split the competition out into two categories: Distilleries, and Brands & Bottlers. So we now have 36 names in the Distilleries hat, and 16 names for Brands & Bottlers. We picked out the names in each category at random to decide who would go head to head in the first round (which kicks off today, 31 July), and after that it’s all down to your votes.

Whisky Championship voting system

Here’s how the voting system will work

Vote for your favourite whisky

It’s pretty simple – the competition works on a knock-out basis. You can vote here on our website, or via social polls posted on @MasterOfMalt Instagram Stories (simply view our story and tap on the distillery/brand you wish to vote for) or @MasterOfMalt Twitter account Monday to Friday this week. 

Here’s how the competition will go:

Monday 31 July – first round with 36 whiskies

Tuesday 1 August – second round with 19 whiskies

Wednesday 2 Aug – quarter-finals

Thursday 3 Aug – semi-finals

Friday 3 Aug – finals

Saturday 5 Aug – voting closes

Monday 8 Aug – announcement of the winner

Get voting so we can say once and for all what the greatest whisky is! Until next year…