It’s the second ever Master of Malt Week which means many exciting things are happening. Such as exclusive bottlings from brands you love. Read on to find out more.

Exciting news, spirits lovers! Today marks the start of Master of Malt Week 2021. What the hell is that, we hear you cry? Well, it started last year and it’s a celebration of what we do best, selling rare and delicious spirits.

Master of Malt Week 2021

For Master of Malt Week 2021, we’ve got a trainload of exclusive bottlings kicking off with a single cask bourbon from New Riff and a single cask 15-year-old Glengoyne bottled by Douglas Laing. Coming up throughout the week there will be more rare bottlings including a Cognac from 1975, some suitably swanky single malt whiskies, more bourbon, a very special gin and two incredible rums. We can’t reveal more as yet as some of these exclusive spirits are in transit so we are praying that the capricious gods of logistics are smiling on us this week.

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So to paraphrase Fred Astaire: put on your top hat, brush off your tails and put your best foot forward because it’s Master of Malt week. And have we got some spirits for you!

Glen Goyne Old Particular