Oh hey, it’s May! I say, on this Wednesday, without delay… Right, doing that rhyming has become tiresome. Let’s look at this month’s Master of Malt Dram Club Tasting Sets!

Since everyone on the internet is heavily concerned about spoilers right now, whether they’re about great swaths of super powered celebrities or people fighting over a regal chair or something along those lines, we feel like we need to say that there will indeed be spoilers in this blog post… Spoilers about what our Master of Malt Dram Club members will be receiving in their Tasting Sets this month! What an elaborate ruse we played on you there. Quite the gambit, we’re sure you agree.

Dram Club Whisky for May:

Dram Club Premium Whisky for May:

Dram Club Old & Rare Whisky for May:

Dram Club Gin for May:

Dram Club Rum for May: