Had quite enough of July and its roulette-wheel-style weather selection and slightly disappointing blockbuster movies? Well buckle up, bub – August is here, and it’s got a bunch of new Tasting Sets for Master of Malt Dram Club members!

We’re back for another month of decidedly delicious Master of Malt Dram Club escapades! If those words mean nothing to you, here’s the 411, folks. Sign up for Dram Club and every month you’ll receive a Tasting Set delivered to your door via the magic of the postal service (the actual postal service, not the indie band from the mid-2000s). You can choose between Whisky, Rum or Gin, or even get fancy with Premium Whisky or Old & Rare Whisky. You’re also able to gift a membership to someone who you reckon would love to immerse themselves in a particular spirit. If you want to know what sort of thing people are finding in these Tasting Sets, you’ve come to the right place – here’s what Dram Club members are receiving in August!

Dram Club Whisky for August:

Dram Club Premium Whisky for August:

Dram Club Old & Rare Whisky for August:

Dram Club Gin for August:

Dram Club Rum for August: