Master of Cocktails - the Negroni

Welcome to our new feature: Master of Cocktails!

Yep, we’re diving head first into the wonderful world of mixology with a new cocktail recipe for you each and every week.

On Sunday evenings I’ll be walking you through each new recipe on twitter via #MasterofCocktails, prior to them appearing in full on the MoM Blog the very next day!

So, without further ado, we’re kicking off with an absolute classic, and one of my favourite cocktails: The Negroni.

Suitably excited? Excellent. Let’s get cracking!


Ingredients for the Negroni

You’ll be needing these…

List of Ingredients

  • 35ml Sacred Spiced English Vermouth
  • 35 ml Filliers Dry Gin 28
  • 35 ml Campari Bitters
  • Orange peel (Garnish)The first thing you’ll want to do, if possible, is remove a great hunk of ice from the freezer and leave it in a tumbler to temper. Big, clear ice like this can be made in advance and stored in the freezer in an airtight container. I’ll share the method for this at a later date but you can just use the largest ice available to you.

    Ice tempering

    Whilst the ice tempers, mix 35ml of each of the 3 spirits in a separate can or glass – Campari, Sacred Spiced English Vermouth and Filliers Dry Gin 28.

    Measuring spirits

    You can also prepare the garnish at this point, which for this cocktail will be a single strip of orange peel. No pith though. Yuk!

    Orange garnish

    By now your ice should have tempered. If you can see melted water on the surface this means that it won’t crack when we pour the drink.

    Tempered ice

    Once you’re happy that your ice has tempered, pour the mixed ingredients over the ice.

    Pouring out a Negroni

    Stir gently for around 10 seconds. The aim here is simply to chill, rather than dilute the cocktail.

    Stirring a Negroni

    Finally, express the orange peel over the top of the glass and then drop it in as the garnish.

    Express an orange

    Ladies and gentlemen, The Negroni Cocktail. Sweet, bitter, very strong, and possibly *the* perfect aperitif.

    Negroni cocktail


    The 3 spirits required for this simple but totally delicious cocktail are all available from the Master of Malt website, simply follow the links above.

    Don’t forget, you can also follow #MasterofCocktails on Twitter this Sunday night for the next instalment or find it right here on the Blog next Monday.

    Until then, happy mixing!