Master of Cocktails Mojito

Sticking with the Daiquiri theme, we’re (finally) making Mojitos this week on #MasterofCocktails. It’s taken a while to get round to it, but is there a more crowd-pleasing summer drink?

Now the very first thing you’re going to need to do is take a small amount of granulated sugar…

and do this with it…

‘Fucking it over a wall’ would work equally well. You could bury it if you’re really stuck. Granulated sugar has no place in a mojito. So. Shall we?

Master of Cocktails Mojito ingredients

You’ll be needing these…

List of Ingredients

Good then. Grab yourself a highball glass, and pop in 50ml of rum. I’m using Havana Club 3yo.

Master of Cocktails Rum

Now for the mint. Strip about a dozen leaves off the bottom of a couple of stems, leaving the top leaves on…


Master of Cocktails Mint

Pop the leaves in with the rum, but before you do, stick ’em in the palm of your hands and give them a bash.

You don’t need a muddler. Just a spoon to poke the leaves under the rum. Alcohol is a very effective solvent, so you’ll strip most of the oil out with no mashing, bashing, or otherwise making a spectacle of yourself.

Master of Cocktails Mint Bash

Next up’s the lime juice. Who remembers last week’s lesson on Daiquiri quantities? How much do we need?

Yup. Half. 25ml. How much Sugar Syrup?

Master of Cocktails Lime Juice

‘Harlf’. 12.5ml.

Master of Cocktails Monin Sugar Syrup

Fill the glass with ice…

Master of Cocktails Ice

Top with soda water, stir quickly…

Master of Cocktails Soda Water

And you remember those mint tops we saved from earlier? Stick ’em in. They’ll provide aroma.

Master of Cocktails Mint Leaves Garnish

There we have it. The Mojito. Staggeringly easy, so WHY CAN NO-ONE GET THEM RIGHT!?! Next time you see someone with granulated sugar, or a muddler, just remember – a low wall.

Master of Cocktails The Mojito




Remember to send your picks to @MasterOfMalt if you’re playing along at home and we’ll include them in the blog. @DJOsito’s been at it again – good work Juan!

Master of Cocktails @djosito Mojito

@DJOsito used Bacardi and some homemade Sugar Syrup.

Still on the Daiquiris next week (it must be summer or something?), here’s what we’ll be using:

Master of Cocktails Next Week

Next week, you’ll be needing these…
Fresh strawberries, Limes, Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva and Sugar Syrup.