Master of Cocktails Manhattan cocktail

As mentioned last week, this one is going to be super-simple and super-high-quality. We’re making the perfect Manhattan, something not entered into lightly, of course, as it’s a cocktail that’s no doubt close to many people’s hearts. A true classic that enjoys fame around the globe, this version, none-the-less, is a little bit special.

You could follow the action and mix-along on twitter (#MasterofCocktails) on Sunday night, as you can every week, and now here it is in all its completeness for you to enjoy!

Let’s get to it…


Master of Cocktails Manhattan ingredients

You’ll be needing these…

List of Ingredients

Right, preparation! There are two things we need to do this week. First off, as you’ll be used to by now, bung a Coupette in the freezer.

Master of Cocktails coupette freezer

Secondly, and this is crucially important, find these two ingredients:

…and put them far away. The shed’s as good a place as any:

Dry vermouth and orange peel have no place in this drink. No place.

Now we’re going to take some Smooth Ambler Old Scout Rye. This stuff is *amazing*. Very, very yummy! If you haven’t got any, then you can grab any other rye, but do this just after you’ve ordered your bottle of Smooth Ambler Old Scout 7 Year Old Rye here.

Bourbon would do, but only in the same way as mashed potato would do instead of pilau rice with a curry. They’re both starchy, right?

So, 60ml of the Old Scout…

Master of Cocktails pouring Smooth Ambler 7 Year Old Rye

…into a stirring glass full of ice.

Master of Cocktails stirring glass

Now add 30ml of Sacred Vermouth to the ice-filled glass too.

Master of Cocktails Sacred Spiced English Vermouth

This vermouth is more than spicy enough without the addition of bitters, so this lot can stay put.

Master of Cocktails bitters shelf

Time to crack out the cherries. Luxardo are simply the best. Yummers.

Master of Cocktails Luxardo Maraschino cherries

We’re also going to sneak in a bar spoon of the syrup from the jar. Don’t tell anyone. #dirty

Master of Cocktails Luxardo syrup

Stir. Give it 15 seconds or so. Not 6. Damn you, Vine!

Pop a Maraschino cherry into your frozen coupette, strain the cocktail in and… Ta-daaaaaa!

Master of Cocktails strain

The omission of bitters for this vermouth/rye combo really was the key to this drink. ‘Nuff experimentation was done…

The Manhattan cocktail. Rich, spicy, sweet and powerful.

Master of Cocktails Manhattan cocktails


Send us the pics of your creations using the #MasterofCocktails hashtag or mention @MasterOfMalt and we’ll be sure to pop them in the blog like the selection below…

Master of Cocktails @popher cocktail

@Popher’s Manhattan here used Punt E Mes

Master of Cocktails @LaFlafster cocktail

…whilst @LaFlafster’s husband was well-behaved enough to earn himself one too!

Master of Cocktails @Stephenparsons Bathtub Ginger Beer

Here’s @stephenhparsons’ version of Bathtub Ginger Beer from last week using a cheeky bottle of Crabbie’s!

Master of Cocktails @MasterofMaltJM Bathtub Ginger Beer

…although, as he admits, he needs to find a tankard like @MasterOfMaltJM here!

Given that the clocks go back next week, I also gave twitter a chance to decide whether next week’s cocktail should be a classic summer cocktail, or a classic that will see us through the impending winter months! An overwhelming majority voted for a classic winter cocktail, so this is what we’ll be using next week…

Master of Cocktails next week

Next week, you’ll be needing these…

Milk (whole), eggs (British Lion marked), Monin Pur Sucre de Canne (Pure Cane Sugar) Syrup, Nutmeg (ground), Rumbullion! Navy-Strength and…

Master of Cocktails Three Barrels and Hine cognac

You’ll also need a decent brandy of some sort (such as a Cognac, Armagnac, or a decent aged brandy from elsewhere). Pictured are two points on the scale, from cheap to not.

A quick word on the eggs. We’re going to use fresh eggs, which are pretty risk-free as long as you buy lion-marked ones. If you keep chickens, buy from a local farm or work in catering, probably best to buy from the supermarket for this.