Master of Cocktails The Jinger Ninja

Well greetings one and all. Time for another round of #MasterofCocktails methinks. Oh yes.

This week we’re making a super-delicious Japanese-y sort of tea-based gin sour sort of affair. Trust me – it’s yummers. It’s called The Jinger Ninja, a name which should make sense as we go through the recipe.

We’re using a pretty decent grade of Matcha for this drink. That’s important, as although we do want *some* bitterness, we don’t want it overpowering. I prefer the sweet, grassy tones given by something like this…

Master of Cocktails Matcha Tea

So – let’s begin shall we?

Master of Cocktails Next Week

You’ll be needing these…

List of Ingredients

We’re going to build this into a Boston tin, then shake with ice, then dry-shake for foam. Start off with the Matcha. We want about 1g. This much.

Master of Cocktails Matcha Tea

Next, 40ml Jinzu Gin – a Japanese-inspired gin, with a splash of Sake, Yuzu, and Cherry Blossom.

Master of Cocktails

Now 10ml Freshly-squeezed lime juice.

Master of Cocktails Lime Juice

Followed by 10ml of The King’s Ginger Liqueur.

Master of Cocktails King's Ginger

This, incidentally, is how I’ve taken to organising liqueurs behind my bar. Little 20cl bottles with their full-sized counterparts secreted away in another room. Only mixing spirits behind the bar now.

Master of Cocktails Liqueurs

A touch more sweetness from 5ml Sugar Syrup.

Master of Cocktails Sugar Syrup

Finally, half an egg-white. This is to add body, and give us a nice froth on the finished drink.

Master of CocktailsEgg

Couple of essentials when using raw egg: 1) Use Lion-marked eggs. That way you’re very, very unlikely to get ill. 2) double-strain the finished drink to get rid of the Chalaza (the yucky connective tissue).

Okay – when you’re ready – grab a handful of ice, pack the shaker, and shake for 20-30 seconds.

Master of Cocktails Shake


Master of Cocktails Shaken

Now strain from the big shaker into the little one, and discard the ice. (You’re going to want to double-strain at this point – far easier to do it at this stage.)

Master of Cocktails Strain Ice

Shake again without the ice now. That’ll give us a nice frothy head to the cocktail.

Master of Cocktails Shake

Ah yes – we need a name, don’t we. Why must I always leave that until the very last second? erm… Okay – what about The Jinger Ninja? Sort of okay? Who knows.

…and serve. The Jinger Ninja.

Master of Cocktails Jinja Ninja




Be ready for the next #MasterofCocktails with these tasty ingredients…

Master of Cocktails Next Week Ingredients

Next week, you’ll be needing these…
Bathtub Gin, Angostura Bitters and a Lemon.