Master of Cocktails The Fluffy Ruff cocktail

For this week’s #MasterofCocktails we’re making ‘fluffy ruffs’!

Whilst leafing through The Savoy Cocktail Book, I came across the Fluffy Ruffles Cocktail. Now, as you’ll no doubt know, Fluffy Ruffs are a suggestion for the Butterfield Diet Plan, so my interest was immediately piqued. Whilst working on this one I was even officially re-twat by @MrBButterfield himself! We do have a warehouse. The invitation’s there Brian…

The recipe took a bit of fiddling before I was happy with it – some of the quantities and even ingredients needed changing. The final result of said tinkering is a delicious cocktail that calls for Rum, Sugar, Lime and Quinquina.

What’s not to like?




Master of Cocktails The Savoy Cocktail Book Brian Butterfield

Treat Day!

Master of Cocktails The Fluffy Ruff ingredients

You’ll be needing these…

List of Ingredients

First up, place a Coupette glass in the freezer.

Master of Cocktails Coupette in Freezer

This one is a very simple build, the preparation is all in the quantities. So, fill a Boston Shaker glass with ice.

Master of Cocktails fill Boston Shaker with ice

To that we’re going to add 30ml of Brugal 1888.

Master of Cocktails measure Brugal 1888

Incidentally, this Brugal may have the best Stopper-Weight:Price ratio of any bottle out there.

Back to the matter at hand – whack that rum into the shaker.

Master of Cocktails pour Brugal 1888

Next up, 30ml of Antica Formula Vermouth (erm… yes, about that – all shall become clear in a moment).

Master of Cocktails pour Antica Formula vermouth

We also require 20ml of fresh lime juice. The fresher the better.

Into the shaker with it…

Master of Cocktails pour fresh lime juice

Finally, 10ml of Monin Sugar Syrup. We do definitely need this, as the Brugal 1888 is quite dry.

Master of Cocktails measure sugar syrup

Then pop the shaker together and shake like a madman!

Master of Cocktails shake boston shaker

Now double-strain the cocktail into your pre-chilled Coupette.

Master of Cocktails double strain

Finally, taste… Realise that you’ve only gone and used Antica instead of Byrrh. Remember that you switched ingredients because the Antica ‘flattens’ the drink (I tried a couple of other vermouths too). Repeat with correct ingredients…(!)

Here’s the hasty, not-quite-as-good way to chill a glass incidentally (pack it with ice and top up with cold water):

Master of Cocktails chill glass

A comparison between the two cocktails… In terms of colour the difference is obvious.

Master of Cocktails The Fluffy Ruff Antica Formula vs Byrrh

The finished drink retains the richness of the rum, but lifts it with the ‘high’ fruit and bitterness of the Quinquina.

So here we are, The Fluffy Ruff. Garnish? Choose literally anything.

Master of Cocktails The Fluffy Ruff

The result is, incredible. Enjoy!

Next week, we’re making another Gin cocktail, but (spoiler alert) if you like Whisky, you should really get in on this.

Master of Cocktails next week's ingredients

Next week, you’ll be needing these

Master of Malt Cask-Aged Whisky Bitters, Monin Sugar Syrup, Pierre Ferrand Dry Curaçao, St. George Absinthe Verte and Chief Gowanus New-Netherland Gin.