Master of Cocktails Singapore Sling

Another classic long drink for this week’s #MasterofCocktails – this time around we’re making a Singapore Sling to tie in with Chinese New Year. Definitely not a massive coincidence levered into the proceedings. Nope. Not that.

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So, a bit about this cocktail – the Singapore Sling is a stalwart at Singapore’s Raffles Hotel, dating back to the early 20th century. I’ve taken a slightly updated twist, however, heavily inspired by the superb book ‘The Curious Bartender’, by Tristan Stephenson. More on that shortly…

Master of Cocktails Singapore Sling ingredients

You’ll be needing these…

List of Ingredients

Now before we start, I need you to grab this ingredient that I forgot to mention last week…

Master of Cocktails Singapore Sling Grenadine

…and have an adult put it on a high shelf for you, where you can’t get to it.



Waste of bloody space. There are no good grenadines. Yet. Watch this space.

As mentioned, this version is heavily inspired by ‘The Curious Bartender’, an top notch book by Tristan Stephenson. If you’ve not got a copy you need to get to Amazon right now. (Although… it actually appears to be sold out at the time of posting this blog – clearly it’s popular, and rightly so!). The rubberised tactile cover alone is reason enough to hunt a copy down. So do.

Master of Cocktails Curious Bartender

I’ve taken Tris’s classic version (which also omits Grenadine), but sweetened it up just a tiny bit for my palate.

I’ve also switched Heering for Luxardo’s Sangue Morlacco. Props to Alice Lascelles for the intro.

Master of Cocktails Luxardo Sangue Morlacco

So then. Onto the build. Pretty simple this one – just sling everything in a glass, and top with soda.

We’ll start with 15ml Fresh Lemon Juice.

Master of Cocktails Singapore Sling lemon juice

I’m going to use a tumbler for this drink. I just prefer them. I say that. What I actually mean is that I’m so incredibly retentive that I find it difficult to use a glass that’s anything other than as close to a perfect sphere as possible due to the desire to retain coldness and the laws of thermodynamics. I think this might qualify as a cry for help.

Master of Cocktails Singapore Sling tumbler

Next up is 35ml of St. George Spirits’ excellent Botanivore Gin. The ‘medicinal’ backbone is important for this.

Master of Cocktails St George Spirits Botanivore Gin

Continuing on the medicinal theme, we’re going to add 10ml of Bénédictine.

Master of Cocktails Benedictine liqueur

20ml of the Luxardo Sangue Morlacco now. You know how good their cherries are? Yep. That.

Master of Cocktails Luxardo Sangue Morlacco

Now, a couple of dashes of Angostura Bitters. As you can see, the colour’s more than deep enough at this stage without any of that red nonsense that’s been put away out of the reach of your mucky little paws.

Master of Cocktails Angostura Bitters

So, next we’re going to add some ice. About this much:

Master of Cocktails Singapore Sling ice

If you’re using ice that’s fresh from the freezer, make sure to give it a stir to coat the ice with the alcohol and start it melting. If you don’t, the ‘sharpness’ (i.e. the rough and jaggedy surface that offers a high number of nucleation points) of the completely solid ice will knock all the CO2 out of your soda*. Top Tip.

Master of Cocktails Singapore Sling stir

Now add the soda. 100-150ml will do it.

Master of Cocktails Singapore Sling soda

Finally, we’re going to add a slice of lemon. For the avoidance of doubt, long drinks with fresh lemon juice in them are pretty much the only time you’re allowed to use whole lemon, as opposed to just a twist. Them’s the rules.

We’re going to use half a slice. Nice and thin. Elegant, like…

Master of Cocktails Singapore Sling lemon garnish

There we have it. The Singapore sling. A classic, delicious long drink, that’s not over-sweet.

Master of Cocktails Singapore Sling





You can find the ingredients for next week’s #MasterofCocktails below, and yeah, that’s dry ice on the left… About that… I’ve made a concerted effort not to use ingredients that aren’t available to the home bartender, and this is actually no exception. I placed an order last week with an online butcher (Donald Russell) as they had an offer on beef ribs. It came packed in dry ice. Result. Free super-duper cocktail ingredient as well as delicious beef. Win/win!

Master of Cocktails Singapore Sling next week

Next week you’ll be needing these…
Espresso, Cardamom Bitters, Monin Sugar Syrup, one of Batshit Mental Ideas‘ Cold-Infused, Cold-Distilled Coffees (I’m using the Nicaragua, Finca Limoncillo one) and, erm, yeah, Dry Ice.


*Simple Gas Dynamics.