Master of Cocktails If The Umeshu Fits

Greetings all. Time for a cocktail?

This week we’re going to be making a very Japanese-y cocktail, heavily inspired by the amazing work of Zoran Peric, a Brand Ambassador for Suntory Whiskies, whose work we’ve got a lot of time for here at #MasterofCocktails. We’ll be making a ‘If The Umeshu Fits…’ recipe, a name that will make sense when you see the ingredients.

Master of Cocktails

You’ll be needing these…

List of Ingredients

We’re starting this drink off by removing an ice-ball from the freezer (made with the Wintersmiths Ice Baller Kit), and leaving it to temper.

Master of Cocktails Ice Ball

Now sling a handful of cubed ice into a stirring glass…

Master of Cocktails Ice

And add 50ml Hibiki 17 Year Old. An extraordinary Japanese blended whisky.

Master of Cocktails Hibiki Japanese Whisky

Next, we’re going to sweeten, and deepen the drink with Akashi-Tai Shiraume Umeshu, or ‘Plum-infused Sake’.

Master of Cocktails Umeshu

We don’t want to overwhelm the drink, so we’re just going to use 20ml.

Master of Cocktails Umeshu Sake

Next, Mozart Chocolate Bitters. Now a warning here. These are *insanley* concentrated – if I had to guess, I’d say they were made with pot-ale from a chocolate distillate. That’s how concentrated they are.

Master of Cocktails Mozart Chocolate Bitters

Hence we’re going to use 1 drop. No more. It gives a superb earthy depth, but too much kills it.

Master of Cocktails Chocolate Bitters

Finally, Bitter Bastards Sweet Orange Bitters. These are much lighter. We’re using half a pipette.

Master of Cocktails Bitter Bastards

Now give it a good long stir. A good minute. We’re looking to chill, but crucially to dilute too.

Master of Cocktails Stir

Strain over your ice-ball:

Master of Cocktails strain

Now prepare the garnish. 3 Luxardo Maraschino Cherries on a pick. Hang on the side of the glass.

Master of Cocktails garnish cherries

…and serve. What’ll we call this then? What about ‘If the Umeshu fits…’?

Master of Cocktails If The Umeshu Fits




Here’s what we’re going to be using for the next #MasterofCocktails (shock horror, 2 whisky cocktails in a row!).

Master of Cocktails Next Week Ingredients

Next week, you’ll be needing these…
The Naked Grouse, Bitter Bastards Cardamom Bitters, Mozart Chocolate Bitters, Punt E Mes, Cold-Brewed Coffee and a Wintersmiths Ice Baller Kit.