Master of Cocktails Gibson

So, time for #MasterofCocktails. Apologies for the kerfuffle over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been on an island in the sun. While we were on Islay, I showed you how to put together two quick cocktails on Twitter – the Handmade Cocktail Company’s Manhattan and Vieux Carré.

Have a peek at the #MasterofCocktails hashtag for methods and recipes, which can also be handily found on the actual bottles. All you’ll need is some ice, glasses and the appropriate garnish.

Right then, Normal Service now resumed. This week we’re going for a Gibson. A classic Martini Variant using an onion instead of an olive or a twist.

Master of Cocktails Gibson ingredients

You’ll be needing these…

List of Ingredients

First things first – Martini Glasses into the freezer to chill down.

Master of Cocktails Freezer

Grab yourself a stirring glass, and chuck in a couple of handfuls (handsful?) of ice.

Master of Cocktails Ice

Next, add a splidge of Vermouth. I’m using Dolin for this – I think it pairs nicely with the gin.

Master of Cocktails Dolin Vermouth de Chambéry Dry

Give it a very quick stir and strain it all off.

Master of Cocktails Strain

Now for the gin. I’m using St. George Spirits Terroir Gin – an intensely savoury affair that works really well with the onion.

This is a Martini, so we’re not mucking about with quantities here. 90ml.

Master of Cocktails St George Spirits Terroir Gin

Go ahead and give it a stir for about 30 seconds.

Master of Cocktails Stir

Take your chilled glass from the freezer and put the onion in first (before pouring the drink). This way you’ll completely disperse the vinegar. Important tip, that.

Master of Cocktails Pickled Onion

Finally, pour the drink. We only need to single-strain as we’ve stirred it, obviously.

Master of Cocktails pour Gibson

The Gibson. Simple, delicious, you probably don’t need more than two.

Master of Cocktails The Gibson




Master of Cocktails @scottdogg11 Gibson

Here’s @SCOTTDOG11 showing off his own Gibson and the weekend’s wonderful weather. Enjoy them both, Scott!

With Normal Service resumed, tune in next Sunday night from 6PM by following #MasterofCocktails or @MasterOfMalt on Twitter where we will be using these three:

Master of Cocktails Next Week

Next week, you’ll be needing these…
Havana Club Añejo 3 Year Old, Monin Pur Sucre de Canne (Pure Cane Sugar) Syrup and a lime.