In September of last year, Overasselt, a once peaceful Dutch village, was alight with the warmth and revelry of a happy, if slightly raucous bunch of whisky connoisseurs from all over Europe. Drams were raised for an entire weekend filled with masterclasses, tastings, wholesome food and great music. We are, of course, talking about Maltstock!

We’ve posted this to announce that a contingent from Master of Malt will be heading up on Friday 3rd September to take part in this year’s malty madness. We’ve sent a crack team of whisky aficionados, armed to the teeth with Master of Malt bottlings and, naturally, a good selection of our 3cl drams.

If you live in The Netherlands, then without doubt you must go. If you’re from elsewhere, it’s still well worth the trip, and it’s surprisingly cheap. From the UK you can get flights for around £35, and then a train ticket from the airport to the venue for a tenner. Not bad at all. Tickets are just €150 for the whole weekend (roughly equivalent to just 125 of our English pounds) – an utter bargain for a full three days!

Maltstock 2010 highlights – what to expect

Maltstock 2010 promises an absolutely stellar lineup. Running from Friday 3rd September to Sunday the 5th there’ll be…



    • The Netherlands’ Whisky Import Nederland will be onsite showcasing their cracking set of brands including: Adelphi, Berry Brothers, Blackadder and Douglas Laing.


    • There will be tastings, music and even a blending competition for all you Richard Patersons in the making. Also, the eminent Scottish artist Ian Gray will be displaying some of his work (including some lovely distillery artwork).


  • As previously mentioned, Master of Malt will be about the place, filling many a glass with the world’s most noble spirit.

You can also look forward to campfires, barbeques and a Saturday morning ‘detox’ walk.



Tickets for Maltstock 2010 are €150 for the whole weekend (around £125).

Maltstock T-Shirt

A further €15 even buys you a dapper black T-shirt with the whisky peace symbol that signifies Dutch courage at its finest.

You can click here to order your tickets.

We hope we’ll see you there!

– The Chaps at Master of Malt –