Hey everyone,

Tl;dr I just wanted to let you know that we’ve turned next day delivery back on, but it might not stay on very long – so if you need anything delivered pre-Christmas now’s the time…

Orders have been a lot higher than expected this Christmas what with all the COVID news, and we’ve been really up against it trying to keep up and make sure everything arrives on time. The warehouse team have done an amazing job, but there have been a couple of days where we’ve had to stop taking next-day orders for a bit (today being one of them).

We’ve now caught up again, so next day delivery is back on, but it’s very likely it won’t be on for that long, and I do want to be up-front that while we will *definitely* ship your order out today for delivery tomorrow, the courier networks are now under such severe strain that I can’t guarantee they’ll be able to honour their next day commitment on every order.

If your order doesn’t arrive on time we will of course refund your shipping (as we always would) but I appreciate that isn’t going to be much use if you need it for Christmas Day.

I do believe that the vast majority of orders will still be delivered on time, but I want to be honest that they’re struggling and it’s not an absolutely sure thing.  

Ok, that’s it, health warning over 🙂

Finally then, I just want to say thank you for shopping with us and for being such a nice bunch of people – you always manage to put a smile on our faces during what can sometimes be a pretty stressful time of year.

From everyone here at Master of Malt, have a fantastic Christmas, and thank you!