John Walker and Sons Voyager

Ever fancied attending a glamorous party aboard a luxurious 1920s-style yacht? How about a star-studded shindig on an opulent 157 foot vessel with live entertainment thrown in? (I’ll give you a clue: the answer is “Yes”. Possibly “Hell yes”.)


That’s right, we’ve come up with the goods again and one lucky person will be winning a pair of tickets to attend the The Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve Celebration in London on 17th July 2013 aboard the John Walker & Sons Voyager. That’s Ka-Blamo!

John Walker and Sons Voyager boat

To enter, you simply have to purchase one of the eligible bottles of Johnnie Walker blended whisky before 25th June or the 99 chances are up – head over to the Competition Page for more info.

Why though, you ask, is this salubrious sailboat hosting such festivities in the first place?

The John Walker & Sons Voyager set out months back on a tour of Asia, arriving in Shaghai on 20th September 2012 at the start of an incredible journey. It finally reached Europe on 7th May 2013, taking in Portofino, Cannes, Monaco, Athens, Amsterdam and Barcelona, with London, Hamburg, Copenhagen and Edinburgh still to come.

Johnnie Walker

Walking around the world… by boat…

This extraordinary voyage, or odyssey if you will, celebrates the launch of John Walker & Sons Odyssey (I’m afraid it sold it really quickly – fingers crossed we’ll get our hands on some more soon!), a super-premium blended malt based on the notes of Alexander Walker. The journey will also showcase the Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve and the classic Johnnie Walker Blue Label.

Equally, Odyssey and Voyager both commemorate the history of Johnnie Walker and the seafaring age when it was first taken to ‘the four corners of the globe’, immortalised when they commissioned Around the World (to clarify, that’s a 1923 travel book, not the 1997 hit by Daft Punk).

Cue soaring Pirates of the Caribbean-esque musical score…


Lonely Island I'm on a Boat

This could be you!!!


…or this… whatever floats your boat really.