We have just learned that after more than 25 years in charge of one of Islay’s icons, distillery manager John Campbell is leaving Laphroaig

The Scotch whisky world woke up to a shock this morning as we learned one of Islay’s stalwarts is leaving the island. John Campbell, an Islay native, is the longest running distillery manager in Laphroaig’s history with over 25 years in charge. 

It's John Campbell from Laphroaig

John Campbell is hanging up is Laphroaig-branded leisurewear after more than 25 years in charge

Leaving Laphroaig

In a statement on Twitter he wrote:

“After more than 25 years, I have decided that the time has come for me to step down as Laphroaig’s distillery manager, and I will be relocating from Islay in mid-November. That was not an easy decision, but I believe that the time has come to be closer to my family on the Mainland and to begin a new chapter in my career. 

I have been at Laphroaig for more than a quarter century, and I’m proud to have been the longest-serving distillery manager in its history. Following in the footsteps of legends like Ian Hunter and Bessie Williamson has been the privilege of my life. 

I’ll be working closely with our expert distillery team to hand over the reins and a new distillery manager will be announced soon, who will guide Laphroaig into the future.

Laphroaig is an amazing whisky and brand that has and will continue to be a part of my life, just as Islay will. I w am so proud of our entire team – our Laphroaig family – and in their care, I know that Laphroaig will remain the most renowned and beloved peated single malt on the planet for many years to come. Slainte”

Thank you John. We can’t wait to find out what you have planned for the future. 

We spoke with Campbell at Feis Ile back in 2019 and made this video.