Our International Women’s Day 2019 interviewee today is Emma Golds, our head of service! Emma leads our trade and retail service teams, is partial to a Japanese G&T, and was also recently featured on a very exciting bottle of gin indeed…

Friday 8 March is International Women’s Day! To mark the occasion, all week we’re giving you a behind-the-scenes peek into the inner workings of MoM Towers and introducing you to different people across the team. Today, meet our head of service, Emma Golds.

Emma joined Team MoM more than six years ago – and you’d be hard-pressed to find a human who cares more about the customer experience than she does. She’s part of the senior management team at Master of Malt, and has an incredibly varied role spanning service (of course!) product, and operations. Over to Emma!

Tell us about you and your role at Master of Malt.
I am head of service for Master of Malt, which means that I’m responsible for managing the Service teams (Retail and Trade) and ensuring that our amazing customers always receive the support and service that they deserve. I have worked at MoM for six years and absolutely love it! I truly believe that our customers are the best in the world and the fact that I get to spend my days coming up with different ways to improve our service delivery and make even more people happy is the greatest.

Talk us through a typical day…
First thing, I’ll have a catch up with our Trade and Retail Customer Service managers to get updates about how their teams are looking and what type of things we have been helping our customers with recently. I want to understand what our customers are asking for and how we can help them better in the future. Listening to our customers and taking their feedback to other areas of the business is something that I absolutely love to do! It really is our customers that drive and shape our business, and I’m incredibly fortunate to work with some amazing colleagues and teams that also love to listen and respond to the challenges that are asked of us.

Then, after a coffee, I’ll continue to test out some of the new systems that we are trialling which will make the customer experience even more seamless. The rest of the day might include more meetings, or knuckling down and working on some upcoming projects. I work very closely with all other areas of the business to make sure that we have complete cohesion in our strategy – from our Fulfilment Centre, to make sure that all of our orders are packed beautifully, to our Stock Replenishment team, to ensure that we have enough stock for an upcoming promotion that our Digital Marketing team will be running over the weekend. The overarching goal is always to make our customer experience the absolute best it can be. 

International Women's Day Master of Malt Emma Golds

It’s Emma!

How did you get into customer service?
I had always worked in customer service but had never really thought about it as a career path – I just knew it was something that I really enjoyed and was good at (I think, really, I just like to chat with people and do what I can to help and make their lives a little easier!). After taking myself off to university and travelling for a few years, I returned home and began working directly with customers again. I found that I was not alone in being shocked and dissatisfied with the customer service I was receiving from companies that I interacted with, and that I was extremely passionate about improving service levels across the board. Fortunately, I found myself joining a business (MoM!) that felt the exact same way, and I began to build and shape a team that puts customers at the absolute forefront of our decision-making.

What makes the drinks industry such an interesting place to work?
I think the fact that it attracts so many different types of people, all with such varied skills but passionate about the same thing. It really breaks down barriers and the opportunities are endless! It is such a fast-paced industry and is constantly evolving. It keeps you on your toes and is so exciting – who knows what trends are just around the corner?!

Tell us about a career highlight…
Being featured on the MoMer’s Web Page Gin label recently has to be a very proud moment!

Recommend a drink!
Easy peasy – Ki No Bi Gin & Tonic with a sprig of rosemary to garnish. Absolutely beautiful (and if you can guarantee sunshine and good company, that is even better!).