With International Women’s Day fast approaching, we thought we’d celebrate some of our behind-the-scenes team here at MoM Towers. Today we chat with Laura Carl, our campaign executive, about #WhiskySanta, diving, and the joy of bourbon.

Friday 8 March is International Women’s Day! Last year we marked the occasion by interviewing some of the drinks industry’s most exciting luminaries. For 2019, we thought we’d turn our attention to our very own office. Get set to meet more of Team MoM!

As well as getting to know some of the women who work here at Master of Malt, I hope a little behind-the-scenes peek will highlight some of the many varied careers the drinks industry offers. We met PR manager Mariella yesterday, today it’s the turn of campaign exec Laura Carl to talk us through life in the marketing team. She joined Master of Malt in June 2018, and works across all kinds of projects, from #WhiskySanta to our weekly emails. Enough from me, over to the woman herself…

Tell us about you and your role at Master of Malt.
I’m a campaign executive at Master of Malt, our team (big up Jake Mountain and Lois Jõe!) manage the marketing campaigns and all the challenges that go with running them. This includes everything from headline competitions and social media campaigns such as #WhiskySanta, to product selection for the website and managing day-to-day marketing requests.

Talk us through a typical day…
The best thing about this role is that every single day is different for me. We have on-going projects which require constant attention, such as the weekly product email, and then brand new campaigns or ideas which can be turned around in a couple of days. My role includes coming up with design ideas, putting together strategic planning for public holidays or events, analysing results, and acting as a communicator between the many wonderful teams and people we have here at MoM, who make it possible to get the job done.

Laura Carl International Women's Day

Laura spends much of her year liaising with #WhiskySanta while he’s on his holibobs

How did you get into marketing?
My career path seems pretty convoluted; I actually have a degree in marine biology – so obviously marketing was the clear career choice after graduation! I worked in sales for a PR company before running away for two years travelling. In that time, I had a range of roles; most notably I became a dive instructor in Thailand and Indonesia (yeah, I’m pretty cool), and then I moved over to Australia. Over there, I worked in a few bars and managed events for a small craft brewery in Brisbane (check out Aether Brewing with its amazing craft beer and even better people), where I gained a true passion for drinks. Upon my return, I knew I wanted to focus on marketing and I managed to find this amazing role which allowed me to use both the creative and analytical aspects of my personality (as well as my love for all things alcoholic!).  

What are the particular challenges your role?
Clear communication is always key. The easiest way I would explain my role is project management marketing. Making sure every aspect of the campaign is running smoothly and on-time can be a challenge, especially at busy times of the year such as Christmas.

What’s one of the most surprising things about your role?
The opportunity to be as creative as I want when it comes to new social campaigns is amazing; we really do have the freedom to run with what we believe will be effective. MoM has a wonderfully jovial ‘voice’ and working with that kind of marketing image for a company gives you the scope to have a lot of fun when it comes to new campaigns.

What makes the drinks industry such an interesting place to work?
I really am lucky to work in an industry which I’m truly passionate about. It’s constantly evolving, there is such a rich history involved in spirits and, best of all, there’s always something new to learn or try. Everyday people are pushing the boundaries in spirits production, cocktail making and drinks trends, which makes the whole industry innovative, exciting and endlessly interesting.

Tell us about a career highlight…
We recently attended the Gin Magazine Awards (where MoM snapped up Online Retailer of the Year!). We spent the evening sipping the world’s best gins and generally celebrating how awesome we are, which was pretty cool! Also, getting to attend the launch of the ‘A Miscellany of Inventions’ cocktail menu at GŎNG Bar at the top of The Shard was pretty frickin’ awesome. Can I have two? I’m putting two.

What advice would you give to someone looking to get into drinks marketing?
You may not feel like you’re always on the right path but seize every opportunity that falls your way, no matter what your current role. You never know when the skills you pick up may come in useful.

Recommend a drink!
Bourbon is the love of my life, so it has to be an Old Fashioned.