8 March marks International Women’s Day, so this week we’ve gone behind the scenes at MoM Towers to introduce you to some of our dream team. First up: PR manager, Mariella Salerno!

It’s always fun to have a peek at other people’s lives. I don’t know about you, but this extends to browsing property websites, Instagram, and very definitely drinks cabinets. In a similar vein, Take Your Friend To Work Day should absolutely be A Thing. And with International Women’s Day on Friday, it seemed like a good opportunity to have a nose into the lives and jobs of some of my colleagues here at Master of Malt! (Confused/annoyed by all things IWD? Have a read of this post from last year and then come back. We’ll still be here.)    

International Women’s Day is, at its heart, a celebration of women from all backgrounds in all walks of life. And there are a whole bunch of amazing people at MoM Towers who just happen to be women! From our marketing and service teams to digital, trade and beyond, the drinks industry is full of brilliant people in ace roles (beyond Master of Malt, just check out some of the women who we spoke to last year!)

Whether you’re looking for a bit of career inspo or just feeling nosy, this mini-series is for you. First up, we speak to Mariella Salerno, our PR manager who joined our marketing team at the end of last year, who chats Margaritas, sharing stories and celeb encounters. Over to Mariella!

Meet Mariella!

Tell us about you and your role at Master of Malt.
I am the PR Manager at Master of Malt, which means that I look after all external relations and publicity for the company. Historically, Master of Malt hasn’t really had a PR function, and this is the first year we’ve had an in-house team. This makes me so excited as I have the chance to steer our communications strategy in line with what the whole company is up to!

Talk us through a typical day…
The first thought of the morning is to check social media and see what our brilliant readers and customers are saying about us! People talk about all kinds of drinks and share our blog stories and videos. Then I grab a coffee and sit down in front of my laptop ready to spread MoM joy! The rest of the day I might be meeting with brands or events partners, or visiting venues for future events. Or catching up with journalists, or getting a press release ready to send out. The role is a mix of strategy and creativity, so each day is different.

How did you get into PR and communications?
I landed my first communication job as marketing assistant at sports network ESPN, and my boss at the time said he liked my eagerness to chat so much that he thought I would have plenty to say when the channel launched in the UK and Southern Europe. I then went to gain qualifications from the Chartered Institute of Public Relations in PR Strategy Management and Psychology in Campaign Design, just to make sure I was doing things right!

What’s one of the most surprising things about your role?
You really do have endless opportunities to create stories that can inspire readers and audiences regardless of demographics, background or affiliations. As long as there is a shared passion, you are really free to create new stories that people can engage with.

Tell us about a career highlight…
Dame Vanessa Redgrave walked towards me, asked for my name and toasted to my hard work at the Moët British Independent Film Awards 2011. That was an incredible moment!

What makes the drinks industry such an interesting place to work?
I think the most interesting aspect for me is that the drinks industry really is free from clichés, strict rules and stereotypes – it attracts an enormous variety of people all with different backgrounds and from different walks of life. It means the drinks industry keeps evolving all the time – in doing so, it remains relevant and it’s so exciting to be involved in. In PR you’re always trying to connect with people, and because everyone is welcome, the possibilities really are endless!  

Recommend us a drink!
Simple – a classic Margarita. It never, ever, ever goes out of fashion!