Ok, (most of) you got us. April Fools! We have not changed our name. Please do not call us Masters of Malt. And please DO enjoy the very real whisky for as long as it is still in stock – which won’t be long!

We’d like to announce that we’re changing our name from Master of Malt to Masters of Malt. We’re adding an ‘s’ to master, basically. Big news. And launching a new whisky to celebrate.

Alright, we give in.

Despite the fact that we’re one of the most prominent online retailers, the recipient of countless awards, the trusted provider for thousands of customers, and the guys who got someone to dress up as a bee that one time, so many of you STILL GET OUR NAME WRONG.

Here’s what we were called. Master of Malt. Singular. One master. One to rule them all. A being with domain over malt.

Yet, so many of you (et tu, Dad) insisted on calling us Masters of Malt. Plural. Many masters. Too many cooks in the kitchen. Interns strolling around like they own the place. 

There was never an ‘s’

We even came up with a simple, memorable, and fun jingle to remind people.

Master of Malt, that’s our name

Since ‘85, it’s been that way

Master of Malt, that’s our name

We’re not saying masters, listen again






But apparently, our best efforts didn’t work. Wherever we go, we’re doomed to be referred to as Masters of Malt. Just like how the word gif was supposed to be pronounced with a soft g and the world just recklessly ignored it. Then the price of Lagavulin (hard g) 16 Year Old shot up. Coincidence?

It’s official – we are now Masters of Malt

So, we’ve decided that if we can’t beat ‘em, we’ll join ‘em.

Introducing our new name: MASTERS OF MALT.

To celebrate this news, we’re launching a whisky. Because that’s just what we do. It’s a 10-year-old Islay single malt from a secret distillery. We genuinely don’t know which one. But try and find age statement Islay single malt at this strength for under £40. We may have changed our name, but we’re not going to stop bottling boss liquid.* You know us better than that.

This triumphant release is the very first to carry our new name, a fact sure to inspire collectors and infuriate those who liked the old name better. But it’s too late now. You can blame those who got it wrong all those years. This is their doing. 

We hope you’re happy.


The many new masters at Masters of Malt xx


You can buy Secret Islay Distillery 10 Year Old 2012 by clicking the link.

* As award-winning bottlers, we’ll continue to bring you the very finest whiskies such as our Tonic Wine Cask Finish Single Malts, the Master(s) of Malt Luxury Trilogy, and the latest exciting releases from our cutting-edge 3D-printed distillery. You will, of course, also be able to experience all of these digitally through our multi-sensory Joculus Snift eDramming headset.