In proper Indiana Jones-style, the lads at Grant’s have uncovered an ancient text (not the Book of the Dead) explaining exactly what William Grant had at his disposal in 1912 to create Stand Fast. Not to be outdone, they have taken it upon themselves to recreate Stand Fast—as much to a T as possible—exactly one hundred years later, to the day.

Blending has been a treasured and almost mystical art form for centuries, with master blenders handing down recipes verbally to apprentices like secretive sorcerers imparting wisdom to only their most promising pupils. With only six master blenders in its 135-year history, Grant’s hasn’t had too many sorcerers sharing information. So, the discovery of a whisky book is a magical one, indeed.

stand fastlWhere did I leave that old recipe?

Grant’s current master blender, Brian Kinsman, noted, “As a master blender, we learn how to make whisky by knowledge handed down in person from one master blender to the next. It’s why it takes around a decade of training to take on the title. The new Grant’s Stand Fast is special and is very close to what William Grant created back in 1912.” Fairly bold statement without the advantage of a wormhole, Mr Kinsman! Still, one does wonder . . .

stand fastMr Kinsman with the ancient text itself

Before you green-eyed gussies reach for your fat wallets, be forewarned! This creation will not be sold! Instead, the bottles will be archived—along with the book—to preserve the memory and tradition of the Grant’s master blenders. Secrets, secrets are no fun…

As you’ll never have a chance to try this fascinating new blend, Grant’s has kindly provided us with some tasting notes, which we are happy to share with you here, so that you may dare to dream of one day becoming a sorcerer’s apprentice, or Indy’s sidekick, or BFFs with Brian Kinsman.

Until then, Stand Fast, lads. Stand Fast.

Stand Fast 11 July 2012 Tasting Notes

Nose: Rich and malty, with vanilla, oats and honey notes. A gentle earthy peatiness balanced with dried fruits, citrus and robust old spice.

Taste: A velvety oily mouth feel layered with sweet smoke, tobacco leaves, ripe bananas and blackcurrant.

Finish: A lingering sweet after taste with a hint of peat smoke.

stand fast