We come bearing good news this Tuesday. If you’re based in Northern Ireland, fret not. The drinks deliveries shall flow!

It’s been a bit of a tricky logistical time these last few weeks, what with the ongoing impacts of Covid-19 and the changes we needed to make due to that little thing called Brexit. But there’s good news. While shipping has changed slightly between us here on the UK mainland and Northern Ireland, the drinks can indeed get to you!

Now, two quick caveats. You’ll need to allow a little extra time for delivery, as there are still a whole bunch of new processes to be worked out. We reckon for time-sensitive stuff add two days on top of the delivery stated at checkout. This could well change and get shorter once our marvellous logistics partners get familiar with the new systems. Secondly, we know there are likely to be some further changes that come into effect from 31 March. As soon as we know what these mean, we’ll of course let you know. 

The plus side? There won’t be any duty issues shipping to Northern Ireland. Hurrah!

We also have a snippet of news on the EU shipping front, in that there will be more news to follow very soon! We’re excited that it’s looking like we’ll be able to resume sending to some countries shortly. So if you’ve been missing us (and we have for sure been missing you!) then hold on to your tasting glasses, as deliciousness could soon be coming your way.

On that note, happy Tuesday, folks! 

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