Glen Grant 60 Years old Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee (1952-2012)

Glen Grant 60 Y. O.

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I spent most of the last week interviewing for our Online Editor’s job (more on that soon folks). A reasonable part of the interview process is the effective management of people’s expectations with regard to the ‘glamour’ of the job. In fact, I’d even got a bit of patter I could do on autopilot memorised. It went “You know – for every fantastic, 60 year old whisky that you’ll get to taste, there are another 100 less exciting ones, and probably 50 vodkas too”.

The events of this morning have somewhat stepped on my point, as on arriving at the office I was greeted by a little package containing a sample of the most recent über-premium bottling from Gordon and Macphail – the somewhat tongue-twistingly named Glen Grant 60 Years old Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee (1952-2012).

The concept is pretty straight-forward. Everyone likes the Queen (well…), and everyone likes whisky (well…), therefore – “Queen Whisky”. Ta-daaaaaa.

Putting my cynical, and slightly discombobulated Monday morning hat on, it does seem that these days, the fact that it’s “a Thursday in April, and I just saw a badger” is reason enough for a commemorative bottling, but I don’t think there can be any disagreement that as excuses go, the Queen’s 60th year on the throne is a pretty decent one…

I’ve absolutely no doubt that there will be a slew of bottlings commemorating this monumental event this year. There might even be one from us to say thank you, given the fact that the bank holiday weekend falls directly over my and Justin’s birthday (5th June – put it in your calendars now), however, G&M are first to the post. Credit where credit’s due.

So – I suppose I’d better taste it then.

Nose: Rich malt, an apple-y freshness which belies its age. A good hit of really decent honey is followed on the tail by cinnamon and allspice.

Palate: Initially slightly mineralic – reminiscent of a well-aged Riesling, as the honey from the nose powers through again. The freshness from the nose is still here – an absolutely magnificently juicy dram. Freshly-picked cherries join the apple, but there’s no hint of them having been stewed or cooked, these are fresh as a daisy.

Finish: The official tasting notes for this make mention of the fact that this whisky bitters out towards the end. I don’t get that at all. The freshness powers through, bringing still more of that tangy, sweetness with it. The spices make themselves more known towards the death, with the Cinnamon and Allspice being joined by just a touch of the Clove.

Overall: An absolutely magnificent whisky. As with previous ‘very well aged’ G&M bottlings, the surprise is how incredibly fresh and juicy it has remained. Were a dram of this presented to ‘her-for-whom-it-was-bottled’, we’d like to think she’d get on with it very well. Kudos, G&M.

Yeah – so it’s a pretty special whisky, this one. Now, dear readers, would you like the really good news? In all the excitement of reviewing it, I’ve only used about 15ml of the 30ml sample provided by those lovely folks at G&M. There is, therefore, 15ml of this fabulous whisky left to give away (or £200-worth give or take).

one day my son, all this will be yours

Here’s what we’re going to do (mainly because I’m sleepy and can’t think of a better idea) – tell us a joke. The funniest joke (as judged by me and Mike in a few days time, when we get round to it) wins the whisky. Nothing too filthy please, and definitely nothing offensive.

Happy Monday everyone.

This competition has now closed. Click here to find out the winner!

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26 comments on “Glen Grant 60 Years old Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee (1952-2012)”

  1. Colin says:

    What do you call a judge with no thumbs.

    Justice Fingers.

  2. What’s the difference between a duck?

    One of its feet is both the same.

  3. Ben says:

    Ewan was sitting at the bar drinking single malts in one gulp as fast as the barman could put them in front of him. Distressed by the lack of tasting, eventually the barman asked why he was downing them so quickly. “It’s because I once had a terrible accident.” said Ewan. "What sort of accident?" asked the barman. "A truly awful one," said Ewan "I knocked one over with my elbow."

  4. Tom says:

    This is my favorite joke with whiskey in it:

    In the 1880’s, a young man from Philadelphia decides to try his luck out west. He rides a stagecoach to a boomtown in the Colorado mountains, and quickly gets a job working in a saloon.

    Six days after his arrival, he’s clearing tables during the lunchtime rush, when a grizzled old prospector bursts through the swinging doors and shouts, "Big Mike’s comin’!"

    There’s a moment of dead silence, then pandemonium breaks out. All the tough-looking cowboys, gamblers, and gunmen scream like little girls as they run for the door. Both bartenders clear the bar in a bound and are gone from sight before the newcomer can blink. The owner of the saloon rushes out of his office, sees the greenhorn and says, "Want your week’s wages? The saloon is yours."

    "But sir," stammers the new saloon owner, "what’s going on?"

    "What’s going on? Big Mike’s comin’, you fool!" And with that, the former owner left the saloon, never to return.

    In less than a minute, the barroom is empty. From the silence, the whole town might be empty. The young man is too stunned to do more than fall into the nearest chair.

    A few seconds later, he hears a rumble coming from outside. The rumbling gets louder and louder, until suddenly the swinging doors of the saloon are knocked off their hinges by the largest ox the young man has ever seen. Riding the ox is a man so large his boots drag on the ground on either side of the ox. He has a beard like a tumbleweed, long enough to be tucked into his belt, into which he has two Henry rifles tucked like popguns.

    The rider raises a fist the size of a firkin and brings it down on the ox’s head, knocking it out cold. From the middle of the room, he reaches over and grabs a bottle of whiskey off the shelf behind the bar, bites the neck off, and down the contents in a single gulp.

    Terrified, the young man hears his own voice say, "Would you care for another drink, sir?"

    With eyes as wild as a stuck buffalo’s, the giant turns to him and says, "Naw, I gotta git. Big Mike’s comin’!"

  5. Mark Hughes says:

    Here’s a fairly topical joke given the HIghland Park’s recent Valhalla release:

    One day the Viking God, Thor, was having a drink with Odin, King of the Gods.
    "You know," said Thor, "it’s brilliant being a god but the only down side is that I havn’t had sex with a woman for nearly a thousand years."

    Odin took pity on Thor and said, "Go to earth, O Thor and find thyself there what they call a lady of the night. Treat her to your manly pleasures."

    So Thor went down to earth and wasn’t seen for a whole night. Late in the morning Thor appeared again in front of Odin.

    "My lord," said Thor, "it was wonderful. She was a vision of beauty, and her slight lisp made her even more adorable. We made passionate love 37 times!"

    "37 times?" exclaimed Odin, "That poor woman. You must return to earth and apologize to her!"

    So the great Thor returned to the brothel and walked up to the woman. "I am sorry about last night," he said, "But you see, I’m Thor!"

    "You’re Thor?" replied the woman, "What about me? I’m tho thore I can’t even pith!"

  6. T says:

    She was only a whisky maker but he loved her still.

  7. Ryan says:

    No whisky relevance (we all need a break every now and then), but definitely not filthy!

    A distressed old lady walks into the vets with a limp duck under her arm.

    She takes the duck to the vet nervously who dutifully checks it over.

    "I’m very sorry… there’s no real way to tell you this, but I’m sorry, your duck is dead"

    "it can’t be" the distressed lady objects "it was flapping around so happily this morning… I need a second opinion; perhaps you’re not versed in ducks"

    The vet explains he is a duck expert, but looks to console the old lady. He opens a small door and out comes a black labrador.
    The lab goes up to the duck, gives it a sniff over, shakes its head and gives out an apologetic bark. The vet remarks, but he can see the old lady is still unconvinced.
    The vet opens another small door and a small cat emerges.
    The cat goes up to the duck, sniffs it over- beak to tail, tail to beak, looks up at the vet, shakes its head and gives a demure miaow.

    The vet turns to the old lady: "I didn’t want to say this to you, but I am very sorry; your duck is dead."
    The old women seems to have gained some closure by this. Saddened, she turns to the vert: "*sniff* Ok, how much do I owe you?"
    "That’ll be £300"
    "£300?? Just to tell me my duck is dead?!"
    "I’m very sorry my dear. Had it just been me, it would only have been £30, but with the cat scan and the lab report, it all adds up"

    ha ha ah ah ah aha. I’m laughing reading this. (don’t kill me for tarnishing your blog ben)

  8. Big Noel says:

    A guy walks into a bar and says to the bartender : "I want a 12 years old scotch, and don’t try to fool me because I can tell the difference."
    The bartender is sceptical and decides to try to trick the man with a 5 year old scotch.
    The man takes a sip, scowls and says : "Hey – Bartender, this crap is 5 years old scotch. – I told you that I wanted a 12 years old."
    The bartender won’t give and tries once more this time with a 8 year scotch.
    The man takes a sip, grimaces and says : "Bartender, I do not want 8 years old scotch like this filth. Gimme a 12-years old scotch or ill leave !"
    Impressed, the bartender gives him the 12-year scotch on the house, the man takes a sip and sighs,
    " Ah, now that’s the real thing. "
    A disgusting, ugly, grimy, stinking drunk has been watching all this with great interest. He stumbles over and sets a glass down in front of the man and says. :
    "Hey, I think that’s really far out what you can do. Try this one."…
    The man takes a sip and immediately spits out the liquid and cries, "Yechhh! This stuff tastes like pee!"
    The drunk’s eyes light up and he says, "Yip, it is, now how old am I ?"

  9. Rebecca Sinclair says:

    What’s brown and sticky?

    A stick.

  10. Jonathan Bryant says:

    What do you call a three legged donkey?
    A wonky!

  11. John Chivall says:

    The regulars are enjoying a dram or three in the pub one day, when in walks a peculiar character: a 6ft 6in length of black tarmac, with a dashed white stripe down one side like a scar, and a sullen, angry look on his face. He walks up to the bar and rudely demands three pints of continental lager, the first of which he downs in one before sauntering over to a table in the corner, where he sits, glowering a challenge at anybody who dares to look his way. When the barman asks him for payment, the tarmac simply stares at him, cracking his knuckles and growling menacingly, before finishing his drinks and leaving, barging the landlord aside on the way out.

    The day at about the same time, the tarmac returns. This time the barman wants payment before serving the belligerent road surface. The tarmac gives him a long, cold stare and says, "Nice place you’ve got here, mate. I like you," before handing over a tenner and taking his three pints of lager over to the corner table, where he sits glaring at all and sundry while he drinks up and goes without saying another word.

    On the third day, the tarmac walks in, nods at the barman and gives him some money before getting his beers and taking them to the same table. As he is halfway through his second pint, the door swings open and another piece of tarmac walks in, except this guy is green and has a solid line down one edge. The black tarmac turns pale and noticably avoids eye contact with the new guy, who is quietly and politely ordering a glass of milk. The green tarmac drinks his drink, smiling, then pays with the exact change and walks out of the bar.

    The locals look over to the black tarmac, who is starting to regain some of his colour.

    "What was the matter with you?" they ask him.

    "I don’t like that guy," he replies. "He’s unpredicatable and nasty".

    When the barman comments that he seemed pleasant enough, the tarmac objects.

    "No, you don’t get it mate. I mean, I’m hard, but that guy – he’s a cyle path."

  12. Ed says:

    What did the cheese say when it looked at itself in the mirror?


  13. Will F says:

    Q. What do you do if you find a trumpet growing in your garden?
    A. Root it oot!

    (N.B. This gag only works if delivered in your most outrageous Scottish accent – so it’s relevant – kinda)

  14. Joe says:

    Why are pirates called pirates?

    Because they Yarrrrrrr!

  15. Neil says:

    A freak earthquake in Vienna causes the famous composer Mozart’s grave to be unearthed.

    The authorities are worried that looters will try to steal the priceless symphonies Mozart was buried with, and decide to reseal and move the coffin to a new secret location.

    But… when they try to move the coffin it suddenly bursts open to reveal a flesh-straggled skeleton slowly tearing up the pricess compositions.

    When the witnesses shout in horror and ask what the hell Mozart is doing, he turns and says:

    "I’m decomposing"

  16. Police marksmen covering disturbances at Dale Farm were required to open fire three times.

    They won a goldfish, a teddy bear and an inflatable hammer!

  17. Why did Nelson stick his right hand in the front of his shirt?

    Because if he’d used the other hand, he’d have felt a right tit!

  18. What do you call it when a jester carries a nun?

    Virgin on the ridiculous.

    (That’s my attempt at finding a joke that doesn’t require an exclamation mark after the punchline)

  19. @jez_north says:

    What’s a burnt pizza, a frozen can of beer & a pregnant woman got in common?

    They’re all the result of an idiot not taking it out in time!

  20. joseph hyman says:

    what do a balloon and a virgin have in common?
    one prick and it’s all over…

    A boy and his father are walking the park when they see 2 dogs going at it in the bushes.
    "Dad, what are they doin’?
    "Making puppies, son"
    That night, the boy walks into his parents room and catches them ‘in flagrante delecto’…
    "Dad, what are you doin’?"
    "I’m making you a little brother!"
    "Can you turn her around, Dad? I’d rather have a puppy!"

  21. Matt Propst says:

    In a Tottenham church Sunday morning a preacher said, "Anyone with ‘special needs’ who wants to be prayed over, please come forward to the front by the altar."  

With that, Leroy got in line, and when it was his turn, the Preacher asked, "Leroy, what do you want me to pray about for you?"

Leroy replied, "Preacher, I need you to pray for help with my hearing."  The preacher put one finger of one hand in Leroy’s ear, placed his other hand on top of Leroy’s head, and then  prayed and prayed and the whole congregation joined in with great enthusiasm.

After a few minutes, the preacher removed his hands, stood back and asked, "Leroy, how is your hearing now?"
Leroy answered, "I don’t know.  It ain’t ’til Thursday."

  22. John Priest says:

    A Highways Agency warning said that anyone travelling in icy conditions should take a shovel, blankets or sleeping bag, extra clothing including a scarf, hat and gloves. 24 hour supply of food and drink, de-icer, rock salt, torch, safety triangle, tow rope, petrol can, first aid kit & jump leads.
    I looked a right twat on the bus this morning.

  23. John Reynolds says:

    A man walked into a bar with an orange for a head.

    The barman asked him what had happened and the man replied,

    ‘I was walking along the beach and I found an old rusty lamp and when I rubbed it a Jeanie appeared offering me three wishes’.

    ‘For my first wish, I asked for one billion pounds’.

    ‘For my second wished I asked for 10 super models as sex slaves’.

    The Barman then asked, ‘what about your third wish’?

    Making a flabbergasted gesture, the man replied –

    ‘Duh ….. An Orange for a Head’!

  24. Geoff Hamer says:

    Superman is flying around one night with no rescues, no world to save.
    As he’s flying over the apartment block where Wonderwoman lives he sees her, on the roof, stark naked, legs wide apart.
    Superman thinks, I know I shouldn’t but I can’t resist, so dives down and does the deed "at the speed of a bullet".
    Wonderwoman sits up and says "what the hell was that"
    The invisible man rolls off and says "I don’t know, but it bloody hurt"

  25. Simon Goodall says:

    In Dubai the flintstones have been banned as they don’t get the humour.
    But Abu Dhabi do!

  26. Jilbab says:

    This site is great. i visit here everyday.

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