Still waiting for a reply from Handsome Clive? Well, you can stop checking your phone every five minutes – the announcement of Ginder has not coincidentally coincided with the 1st of April. We are also sad to announce that Handsome Clive was a fabrication of ours for this ruse. Handsome he may be, real he is not.

There are so many dating apps out there today, increasingly catering for important niches such as dog-owners, farmers, people who wear uniforms (or like uniforms) or those with beards (or who like beards) – you can even find your ‘salad soulmate’ – but what about drinks preferences?

On balance, one’s more epicurean, even sybaritic persuasions and preferences seem a more viable means of finding a match than many of the frivolous criteria mentioned above, especially for readers of this blog. Hence why we’re proud to present Ginder, a brand new app to help you find someone who shares your taste in gin! (Try the beta version on your mobile now!)

Created in-house by our incredibly talented development team, Ginder will present you with a selection of gin botanicals, brands and classic serves. Simply swipe right if you like said botanical/brand/serve, or swipe left to continue on your search. Adore Grains of Paradise? Swipe right! Can’t stand massive handfuls of cardamom pods being dropped in your G&T? Swipe left!


Try Ginder now – no installation required!

Once you’ve swiped right to at least 6 gins on our beta version, Ginder will find you someone with a similar taste in gin!

In future, you’ll be able to continue to swipe right and left through hundreds of gin botanicals, brands and serves on our extensive database to teach the app more about your tastes and increase the accuracy of your matches.


Bathtub Gin? Swipe right!

As well as helping you find your kindred spirit, Ginder will help you avoid awkward moments with unsuitable prospective partners. Picture the scene, you’ve been on a number of dates with a suitor during which you’ve both mentioned in passing your love of a good G&T. Now you’re sat on an uncomfortable beanbag in their flat, but things are looking up as they’ve just made you a refreshing drink! As you take a sip, knowing exactly how delicious it should be having perfected your personal serve, your taste buds are instead greeted by something that tastes of sun cream and which appears to have a massive novelty-sized wedge of your least favourite citrus fruit bobbing about in it, bopping you in the face. Ginder, thankfully, will make such horrors a thing of the past.

Ginder – Coming soon to iPhone, Android and fixie-bike-powered-Casio-wristwatches.